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A Case of Pizza Resistance

January 29, 2013


MARY BURR writes:

I thought of you this evening as I watched this May 1965 episode of “Bewtiched.”  Samantha uses her magical powers to create an ad campaign for struggling a Italian restaurant owner named Mario. His business is failing because everyone wants pizza and Mario comes from a long line of culinary artisans who refuse to serve pizza. Samantha’s magic campaign is so effective that a manufacturer of pizza wants to cut a deal with Mario to make him rich.  Even for a million dollars, Mario refuses to make pizza.

Laura writes:

What a hero.

Unless I heard him incorrectly, Mario attributes the rise of pizza to this “Satanic age.” And he says this in a sit-com! Imagine if more people had been like him, willing to let their own children starve rather than participate in the pizzafication of America. Many millions might never have experienced — over and over again — that unique feeling of having one’s guts stuffed to the brim with fiberglass insulation and shreds of rubber.

— Comments —

Jenny writes:

Love your post on the “pizza resistance” and episode of Bewitched. But I think he’s saying “atomic age,” not “Satanic age.”

Laura writes:

Yes, thanks, you must be right.

I was projecting. : – )

Buck writes:

This is silly, but: cette pièce est d’une pizza de résistance!

Laura writes:

My original heading was “Pizza de Résistance” but I changed it out of respect for Mario. He’s Italian.

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