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An Episcopalian Marriage

January 9, 2013


TWO EPISCOPAL ministers in Maryland “married” last week. They are interviewed here by an excited Fox News reporter who laments the fact that one of the women does not have the same immigration rights as a heterosexual spouse.

Sarah Lamming, who apparently has never read the New Testament despite her degree from Yale Divinity School (or perhaps because of her degree from Yale Divinity), says of her “marriage” to Dianna Carroll, “I acknowledge it is difficult for some people, but I am gay and I was created that way by God.” Translation: “God made me disdain men and prefer masturbation. God made me reject motherhood altogether.”

Now, if a hardened burglar came to Rev. Sarah or Rev. Dianna and said he liked being a burglar, what grounds does she have for objecting to his way of life? He could say, “I acknowledge my thefts are difficult for some people, but I am a thief and I was created that way by God.”

The argument that homosexuality is right whenever it feels natural presumes that whatever feels natural is right.

Notice how both priestesses seem to be on the verge of laughter as they are interviewed. They are pretend priests in a pretend marriage. They just went through a pretend wedding in a pretend church. Many people extended pretend congratulations and ate pretend wedding cake. That’s all funny in a way, so why wouldn’t they laugh? Besides, they look ridiculous in clerical collars and nail polish, and they must find that funny too. The expression on their faces is that of two girls playing dress up.


—- Comments —-

Joe A. writes:

Laura, that is a distressing news item. However, there is a glaring typographical error you must fix forthwith. It’s spelled “episcopagan” not “Episcopalian.”

Laura writes:

My headline should have been “Episcopagans Join in Sodomatrimony.”

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