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Australian Gun Control Led to More Crime

January 20, 2013



I think your readers would be interested in this video.

It is full of personal testimonies about the results of gun control in Australia, which instituted a ban in1997 which required all ciitizens to turn in semi-automatic and assault weapons. The law also requires that homeowners keep their guns locked up and unloaded.

It shows that “the cost of lost liberty can be measured in the loss of life.”

—- Comments —-

Kevin M. writes:

How many “gun free zones” have suffered a massacre at the hands of a well-armed lunatic? (I’ll give you four days to Google the stats, for there are many).

Now, how many police stations, gun clubs, cop bars or homes with stickers on the front door that says “Protected by a Marine and a 1911 .45 .cal” have endured such a fate?

My Dad went to Arizona and dined in a restaurant where the patrons not only carry guns, they wear them at their tables in holsters. He said if someone drew a weapon, they’d die of the world’s worst case of lead poisoning in about 3 seconds.

I don’t particularly like guns, myself, but I grew up around them. My Dad was state champion trap shooter in 1969, and I have a brother who shoots shotgun, rifle and pistol competitively, around the country. He has out-shot Navy Seals and members of the L.A. SWAT team (I am not joking…the guy is Doc Holiday). So I am fairly comfortable around firearms and “gun nuts.”

All the screaming we are hearing about gun control and maniacs with high-cap assault weapons is the product of two things: people who have no personal experience with either firearms and the responsible adults who use and own them, and a media that has spent 50 years lying to the public about our mythical “gun culture.” Wildly more people own cars, but you never hear about a “car culture,” or a “T-shirt culture.” Pure propaganda and fear-mongering.

If you took 100,000 dedicated, gun-loathing liberals and forcibly put them through a gun safety course and taught them how to shoot, well over half of them would join the NRA. I know this because my brother is also a firearms range master, and he routinely teaches gun safety courses.

His best students by demographic? Women.

He always says the fear of firearms disappears once the student has been taught it is a device to be properly handled and respected (like a car), and not a demon to be feared.

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