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Ban Imaginary Guns Too

January 16, 2013



[T]wo 6-year-old boys were suspended while playing cops and robbers during recess and using their fingers to make an imaginary gun.

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Lydia Sherman writes:

The comments on that article are hilarious. Have you read them? Americans are certainly not stupid.

Some even suggest that we go to the streets armed with our “hand” guns. :-)

Mrs. Sherman adds:

The parents of such children should just let them stay home and watch re-runs of “The Lone Ranger.” It would do them a lot more good than sitting in government schools.

 Terry Morris writes:

If these infractions are deemed serious enough to warrant the suspension of six-year-olds from school, it stands to reason they would warrant an investigation of the home and family environment of such ‘troubled’ children by some third-party authority like DHS, child-welfare or one of its ‘private’ tentacles.

With the State’s help mommy can put a stop to this inordinate behavior encouraged by her husband whom she is otherwise unable to control. And grandma can stop worrying so much about it. Not to go off on a tangent here, but one of my pet peeves is this tendency among “conservatives” to fail to understand the nature of the beast we are faced with, its power and the extent of its influence. I mean the evil of liberalism and its mission to destroy our families. That’s right, at the bottom of the liberal agenda is the destruction of the nuclear family, just as the fundamental principle undergirding all labor unions is the destruction of all competition. Whereas competition is THE preeminent threat to the existence of labor unions, the nuclear family is THE preeminent threat to the existence and functionality of liberalism, not the existence of conservatism as some sort of national political movement. In both cases the primary threat must be eliminated. That is the goal. Conservatives must come to understand this, and to put up a strong resistence to it. They (liberals) really do want your children, first and foremost! They want their minds and their souls, and the only way to get them is to undermine the authority and influence of parents over their children ultimately. There are a great variety of means liberals utilize to achieve this end of course, but ultimately with many of us they’re simply going to have to pull out all of the stops and play rough. Which, emboldened as they now are, they are more than willing to do.

Mrs. P. writes:

When one of my grandsons was in first grade he fashioned a gun out of paper clips and rubber bands. This school had zero tolerance in place. To her credit his teacher did not report him. Instead she handed me the make-believe gun in private when I picked him up from school that particular day. I wonder how many other teachers have done the same thing in order to protect a child from an over zealous authority system.

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