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Episcopalian Says Homosexual Weddings Are New Ideal

January 9, 2013


Gary Hall, another graduate of Yale Divinity School


Speaking of Episcopalians, the National Cathedral in Washington D.C. has decided to perform same-sex weddings. Those who say same-sex “marriage” will have no effect on traditional marriage should take note of what the Cathedral’s dean, Canon Gary Hall, had to say to the Washington Post:

The “heterosexual marriage [ritual] still has some vestiges of patriarchy, with woman being property. There’s hope in same-sex marriage that it is a teachable moment for heterosexual couples. The new rite is grounded in baptism and radical equality of all people before God,” said Hall, who has been blessing ceremonies for same-sex couples for decades. “I’d like to use it for heterosexual weddings because I think it’s so much better than our marriage services.”
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