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French Rally Next Sunday

January 9, 2013


AT Galliawatch, Tiberge writes:

On Sunday January 13 all Frenchmen interested in stopping the bill on gay marriage from becoming law are mobilizing with determination and zeal for the march in Paris. They are coming from all over France, by bus, by train, by car. Some reports are predicting over half a million demonstrators. This march will be the culmination of a protest movement that began in November 2012, with two separate demonstrations held on November 17 and 18. On Saturday November 17, two hundred thousand people demonstrated in Paris as part of the Manif Pour Tous (“Rally for Everyone”), an organized demonstration open to all opponents of the Taubira bill that would legalize “marriage for everyone”. The huge success of this rally was followed the next day by the more restricted Civitas demonstration of about 20,000. Civitas, a traditional Catholic organization is closely connected to the SSPX (Society of Saint Pius X).

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