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How Corporations Pressured the Boy Scouts

January 31, 2013


IF YOU’RE wondering why the Boy Scouts of America may soon lift its historic ban on homosexual scout leaders, look no further than the pressure the organization has received from major corporations. That’s America, a country where big-name companies insist that little boys be exposed to sexual perversion.

Goodbye, Boy Scouts. You are about to sell your soul. We don’t need you anyway.

— Comments —-

SJF writes:

I have five sons, the oldest of whom has the rank of a First Class Scout. His goal is to be an Eagle Scout. My other four sons intend to follow him into scouting.

Loads of ink is being spilled on the BSA’s proposed policy to allow local troops to decide what to do about admitting homosexuals in leadership positions etc. But sometimes, the old adage is true – a picture speaks a thousand words. I came across the photo below when reading an article in First Things yesterday. Look at it. The image exudes goodness and right order. This is what they want to destroy.

Make no mistake – once they allow the local option in connection with homos, the faith requirement will not be far behind.

Laura writes:

I know it is disheartening, but your sons don’t need the Boy Scouts. Have the mountains vanished? Are the woods closed? Is the sky no longer overhead? Your sons can do most of the things they would have done in the scouts with other boys and normal men.

Don’t waste time regretting the Boy Scouts.The future belongs to your sons and they can still have the joy of the outdoors and civic good deeds. Besides, it won’t be long before an alternative organization emerges. Now your sons and others have the chance to display that stellar Boy Scout quality — initiative — and create something better.

Bruce B. writes:

Older men have told me that Catholics used to have to obtain permission from their bishop before they could join the Boy Scouts. I assume it was once looked somewhat down upon by the Catholic clergy.

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