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Hundreds of Thousands March in France

January 14, 2013



TIBERGE at Galliawatch reports that close to one million people marched in protest against homosexual marriage rights in Paris yesterday. The numbers are not certain, but there is good reason to believe this estimate. The streets were clogged with people bearing signs and wearing shirts with symbols of the traditional family. Here we have an unprecedented declaration of mass resistance to homosexual rights. This means not only that there is a very good chance homosexual “marriage” and adoption rights will never become a reality in France, but that the principle of equality that governs so much of political discourse and everyday life has received a serious blow — a blow that may cause many people to rethink or question its basic premises. Vive la France!


— Comments —

Kevin M. writes:

I love it. I utterly love it.

Laura writes:

Tiberge quotes a reader of Le Figaro:

Most of the major Parisian arteries around Porte d’Italie, avenue des Gobelins, boulevard de Port-Royal, boulevard Montparnasse, boulevard des Invalides, avenue de Tourville, avenue de la Motte-Piquet, place Denfert-Rochereau, boulevard Pasteur, avenue de Suffren, Porte Maillot, Porte Dauphine, boulevard de l’amiral Bruix, boulevard Lannes, avenue Henri Martin, avenue Georges Mandel were blocked from noon on, and they were invaded by demonstrators and packed with people in continuous movement from 1:00 p.m to 7:30 p.m. Unprecedented! Then the Champ-de-Mars was filled with a human tidal wave!

Kevin M. adds:

This is a tsunami of common sense and decency. My heart is filled with hope for the future.

Sophia writes:

I found this NPR article informative, not perfect (the business about highlighting the rural/urban divide, really? Is Frigide Barjot rural?), but OK.

However, the comments sicken me, especially this one: “I fail to see how two gay people getting married is going to affect my 20year marriage to my wife.”

I am utterly revolted by such a selfish, crass, stupid argument. The person who wrote that is an utter narcissist. As if all this has to do with is HIS marriage.

Sometimes I think actually there should be an admissions test for marriage. But in our society liberals would administer it.

Unfortunately I think that gay marriage will pass in France. But this is only the beginning.

Laura writes:

I believe homosexual “marriage” is doomed in France, and the reason is that the debate now revolves around the most important issue: the interests of children. Homosexual marriage is anti-child. Remember, France does not even allow artificial insemination for homosexual couples.

Sophia responds:

I hope your prediction is right.

I’m not a pessimist by nature but it seems the whole world is run by the crazies.

We’ll see.

James P. writes:

There haven’t been that many people marching in the streets of Paris since the last time the German Army was in town!

Laura writes:

Actually, more than a million or so people marched against Mitterand’s plan to nationalize private schools in 1984. The demonstration put an immediate end to the government’s proposal.

Sophia writes:

“Actually, more than a million or so people marched against Mitterand’s plan to nationalize private schools in 1984. The demonstration put an immediate end to the government’s proposal.”

Correct – but the homosexuals have agents in high places. That is not conspiracy talk; it’s fact. What they lack in numbers they have in well-placed influence. Also do not underestimate the power they wield in blackmailing, blackening and destroying their adversaries. That’s why I admire Mlle. Barjot, whatever her shortcomings. She is up against a foe that will stop at very little. They won’t kill her body but they will do what they can do kill her reputation. This is only the beginning.

In any case we will find out soon enough and as I said, I sincerely hope I am wrong.

 Laura writes:

France’s socialists are powerful and unscrupulous; we must never underestimate their chances of success. But this enormous mass opposition has discovered its voice and its theme. It will be very difficult to put this down.

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