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More on the Takeover of American Education

January 4, 2013


ALAN writes:

“The only disadvantage of an honest heart is credulity,” wrote the British poet and statesman Sir Philip Sidney more than 400 years ago.  Many American parents and teachers are honest and decent.  But they are also credulous vis-à-vis authoritative-sounding assertions by education “experts,” “professionals,” textbook publishers, or the NEA.  If they hadn’t been quite so agreeable over the past half century, then perhaps we would not be in the mess today that Charlotte Iserbyt traces in her book.

Charlotte Iserbyt is an American patriot and one of the most courageous women in America today.  She knows that there is nothing innocent behind the radical changes made to American schools over the past half century.  So does Lynn Stuter, who has written many essays abut this, available at her website.

The federal Dept. of Education was not dismantled by Ronald Reagan or the Republicans because the Republican Party (like the Democratic Party) has been controlled for decades by Fabian Socialists, and their goal is to expand government power, not rein it in.  The two parties are not adversaries.  They are witting players in a continuing project to erode traditional American identity and strength.  This is not so much a “conspiracy” as it is a series of consortiums and coalitions involving groups whose common goal is to remake America into part of a Socialist World Government.  Unfortunately they are succeeding brilliantly, with little opposition from most Americans.

The radical changes to American schools were discussed by the American businessman and patriot Sidney De Love in his book The Quiet Betrayal (Independence Hall of Chicago, 1960).  He is not smiling in the photograph on the back cover of his book, because he knew those changes were nothing to smile about.  He argued in favor of a vigorous restoration of traditional American scholastic standards and subjects.

Forty years ago, I knew a traditionalist Catholic married couple who told me their understanding of these things from years of studying history.  They are now deceased, but they would be appalled if they could see what American culture and the Catholic Church have been reduced to.  Whom did they believe were engineering those revolutionary changes?  The Fabian Socialists.

How many Americans have even heard of the Fabian Society?

The American journalist John T. Flynn warned Americans about this as long ago as 1949.  Although the Communists posed a formidable danger to the American way of life, he wrote in his book The Road Ahead: America’s Creeping Revolution (Devin-Adair, 1949), there was another group of planners and agitators who posed an even greater danger:  The Fabian Socialists.

I encourage your readers to study the work of Flynn, Iserbyt, Stuter, John Taylor Gatto, Rose Martin (Fabian Freeway, 1966), and other writers who got wise to the conniving ways of the Fabian Socialists.  And then consider how easily most Americans acquiesced to the radical changes in American schools engineered – most of them quietly and gradually – by those Fabian change agents over the past half-century.

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Perfesser Plum writes:

I’ve been a university teacher since 1971. In the late 60s and early 70s, simple liberalism was the common ideology.  It was not an obstacle to free thinking. It was not subversive. Because its tenets spoke to what any decent person would support, and yet they were so vague they didn’t call for the destruction of any social institutions.

Phase One: In the late 70s, Marxism from Europe is adopted in sociology, history, political science. Bill Ayers and other “critical pedagogues” apply the Marxist ideology in education. They become big shots in “curriculum”—which was changed to mean the CONDITIONS of teaching (social justice, diversity), not HOW to teach anything.

Phase Two. Schooling was weakened by relentless attacks on standards, charges of racism and sexism; so-called progressive methods drove out traditional, classical curricula and mastery-oriented teacher- directed instruction. Examples: whole language, portfolio assessment (scrapbooks of junk), holistic assessment (forget grammar and spelling; does the student express respect for diversity?) The result was a new generation of sloppy thinkers, students who resisted any standards and external authority, illiteracy, and ignorance—the vacuum filled by arrogance, one-liners (“It’s not relevant to me”), video games, incessant communication, narcissism, manic sex, and the now-universal sign of an empty head—“WHATever.”

Phase Three. From the 90s on: Schools (from kindergarten to college) became organized around far-left ideas and institution-destroying “centers,” “programs,” and courses. Nothing was permitted but leftist talk; everyone gets A’s; and hard core Marxism became gospel.

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