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N.J. Policewoman Overpowered

January 2, 2013


CICERO at Big Lie on Parade writes:

Police [in Gloucester Township] arrested a black Department of Corrections worker named Eddie Jones, 39, for stalking his girlfriend. While being processed at the police station, Jones overpowered the female officer who was guarding him, took her gun and opened fire causing injuries to three policemen including the female. Jones was eventually shot dead. Once again another example why there should be very few female police officers, except for dealing specifically with other female criminals. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that almost any male criminal could wipe the floor with a female cop. And judging by her photo she seems to be a small and feminine type, as opposed to some of those big lesbian cops you see.

In his daily round up of black crime, Cicero also has recent posts on a Tennessee woman “who paid the interracial relationship tax with her life” and on a 28-year-old accountant gunned down on Christmas Eve in Washington, D.C.

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N.W. writes:

I read the preliminary article on Drudge a couple days ago. There weren’t many details, but as soon as I saw that a female cop was one of the three victims it didn’t take extraordinary deductive skills to figure out how the [assailant] had acquired a gun. If she had not been there, those two other cops never would have been shot. Idiots.

Terry Morris writes:

Pardon my saying so, but the young female officer’s father probably ought to be horse-whipped for his role (or non-role) in his daughter’s apparent inability to understand basic principles. Judging by her picture, she can’t possibly weigh over 110 lbs. soaking wet. She’s damn lucky to be alive. Hopefully she now understands this, and will opt for a more suitable line of work. Or, better yet, she can apply for disability due to post traumatic stress and never have to work another day in her life.

I know, I know, I’m a real jerk.

Alissa writes:

Happy New Year!

Moving on to the subject, fictional violence in certain violent video games, TV shows and Hollywood movies plays a huge part in numbing a lot of people to reality. Both men and women today think that most blacks can be scientists, doctors or whatever and that most women can be powerful business tycoons and savvy military fighters. This is due to watching a lot of fantasy/fictional violence. Don’t forget digesting wrongful unscientific studies about such things and the news media always focusing on the exception to the rule (the few women who are cut out to be firefighters, police, etc. are then used as a banner for all women).

Laura writes:

Happy New Year to you.

Great point.

People have been brainwashed into believing that beautiful women can be cops or detectives who shoot guns with ease and throw people around. Has there ever been a TV show about the absurdity of women police officers?

Mr. Morris writes:

The story I read about this incident [your link did not work] indicated that the female victim is a rookie officer. The male officers uncuffed the perpetrator, probably thinking it would be okay since he worked in the N.J. Dept. of Corrections. Plus, they asked him if he would be good if they uncuffed him, as a matter of standard protocol I’m sure, and he answered in the affirmative I am also sure. My understanding is that the female officer was more-or-less a bystander, learning from her veteran male colleagues. And what a lesson she got!

Laura writes:

Sorry, I fixed the link. According to NBC10:

“A violent struggle occurred while the suspect was being processed,” Deputy Chief David Harkins said.

Police say Jones’ handcuffs were briefly removed — a standard procedure — so he could be processed. At that point he suddenly overpowered Officer [Ruth] Burns, knocking her to the ground, hitting her in the head and taking her weapon from its holster, Earle said.

The two sergeants heard the commotion and came running into the processing room, Earle said.

“Eddie Jones continued rapid fire at the officers while Sgt. Garber and Sgt. Thyne returned fire,” Earle said.

Burns was shot in the foot during the barrage of bullets. Thyne was hit on his duty belt causing a laceration to his stomach and suffered a graze wound to his chin. And, Garber was shot in his bulletproof vest, in the abdomen and suffered a graze wound to his head.

Art from Texas writes:

Cicero at Big Lie on Parade mentioned the one possible exception being made for women as police officers: female prisoners. That is understandable, but is even that necessary? Naturally we should not make an absurd spectacle of excluding women from public life (as some other countries and religions do), but we should also remember that the first female police officer is not known until 1891. We seem to have gone millennia without the need for women to serve as law enforcement officers. Women have served at times in certain roles of doctor and nurse in the past and also as midwives, but in many cases those fields were reserved for women exclusively (for obvious reasons in the case of a midwife).

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