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Steyn on American Conservatism

January 15, 2013


DANIEL S. writes:

Mark Steyn has provided a rather dismal view of both American conservatism and America itself:

Not to be too pedantic, but for there to be a “future of conservatism in America” there first has to be a future in America. And that’s a more open question than my more optimistic comrades like to admit. The Brokest Nation in History has just told the rest of the world that it is incapable of serious course correction–and around the planet prudent friends and enemies will begin planning for a post-American order. So at some point reality will intervene–either in the form of total societal collapse or, one hopes, something marginally less convulsive. The first responsibility of conservatives between now and 2016 is to have an adult conversation with the citizenry–the one that Mitt Romney chose to eschew in favor of vague jobs promises punctuated by bold assertions that “I believe in America.” So what? What matters is whether reality still believes in America.

Steyn is one of the few mainstream conservatives that has been quite blunt and honest about the current state of affairs. The current crop of establishment Republican figures for the most part still remain willfully blind, thinking they just need some sort of neo-Reaganism that will rally the the supposedly noble American masses back to conservatism. What they will not realize is that the America that elected Reagan exists only in history books or the imagination of intellectually bankrupt GOP hucksters like Sean Hannity. It is long gone.

The other conservative illusion that Mark Steyn confronts is the notion that Barack Obama is an alien entity in America, whether it be casting him as a secret Muslim, a communist, or a Kenyan anti-colonialist. Steyn will have none of this:

… don’t waste another four years obsessing over whether Barack Obama is a secret Muslim Kenyan Commie or whatever. He may be all those things, but the lesson of November 6 is that a majority of the American people agree with him. He’s not the exotic other, he’s all too typical. That’s the problem.

Obama is the embodiment of modern, leftist America.

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Jeff W. writes:

I have lately been thinking about Matthew 15:13, where Jesus said, “Every plant which My heavenly Father did not plant shall be uprooted.”

In history we observe the truth of this saying. The Babylonians were uprooted by the Assyrians who were uprooted by the Persians who were uprooted by the Greeks. The Greeks were uprooted by the Romans who, in turn, were uprooted by the Visigoths, Vandals and Huns. Americans played a major role in uprooting the ungodly plants of Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan, and the Soviet Union. We look around the world and say, “Who can challenge us? Not the Chinese. Not the Muslims.” But Americans are also very ungodly and the process of uprooting traditional America has been going on for many years. We will not necessarily have to wait for the Chinese or global Jihad to uproot us. We can be uprooted by Jews and atheists, by our own corruption, by economic collapse or civil war. Jesus promises that unholy growths such as contemporary America will be uprooted; thus it is inevitable.

Americans could be saved from this uprooting if we as a nation would repent and dedicate ourselves to God’s service. But such repentance is very unlikely until after the cataclysm that God is preparing for us.

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