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The Brave New Army

January 25, 2013


THERE ARE so many unexamined consequences of the full integration of women into the military that one barely knows where to start, but one of the obvious places is with the fact that the Armed Forces will be increasingly in the business of population control. Pregnant women cannot be deployed.

See this article at Reuters about the many “unintended pregnancies” of servicewomen. According to the piece:

Just over ten percent of women in the military said in 2008 they’d had an unintended pregnancy in the last year – a figure significantly higher than rates in the general public, according to a new study.

Of course, the designation of “unintended” is entirely absurd. All pregnancies are in some sense intended. Human beings cannot reproduce without some degree of intention. However, in this case, “unintended” is simply a term assigned by the woman herself. It essentially means “inconvenient.” But what is inconvenient for a career is not necessarily inconvenient for a woman personally. In other words, the woman’s designation of “unintended” can never be entirely clarified or known by a survey. From the article:

Dr. Daniel Grossman from the University of California, San Francisco, who worked on the study, called the rates of unintended pregnancy “really shocking.”

“Women in the military certainly deserve more than that. This needs to be addressed across all branches of the military,” he said.

So the pregnant woman is now a victim of the military. In addition to providing rations and equipment, troops in combat will need ample supplies of contraceptives — and under this mentality, it will be the military’s responsibility to prevent pregnancy. Given that pregnancies can be, even in the best of circumstances, “unintended,” a woman who becomes pregnant on tour after her unit runs out of birth control pills or condoms will now have cause to blame the military for her offspring’s existence. We will almost certainly see women suing the Army for damages after “unintended” pregnancy. And as a consequence, the military will need to become more and more involved in the effective sterilization of their female troops.

As I said before, women don’t join the military as equals of men in order to defend their country. They join it to destroy their country.  An egalitarian military must embrace socially destructive ideals. What can be more emblematic of our times than a military unit equipped with guns to destroy the enemy and contraceptives to destroy future soldiers?  We have lost both the will to fight and the will to live.

— Comments —

James P. writes:

A great many of those “unintended” pregnancies were intended precisely because the women knew they could thereby avoid unpleasant duties overseas. Getting pregnant is an “easy out” that is unavailable to men, who then have to pick up the slack for their female comrades who were evacuated from Afghanistan or wherever.

Terry Morris writes:

Excellent analysis on this subject the last few days. Your entries on the subject have brought to me a new descriptive in the vein of PTSD, to wit: PDUPS, or Post (or Pre) Deployment Unintended Pregnancy Syndrome.

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