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The Manufactured Gun Crisis

January 9, 2013


JOE BIDEN said today that Obama is considering enacting new gun control measures by executive order. See The Weekly Standard. One man walks into an elementary school and commits a horrible and devastating massacre and the entire nation is under siege, so much under siege that the president must enact emergency measures, as if a foreign enemy had just landed on our shores. All this in a country where it is almost never reported when an armed citizen stops a gunman. Biden said, “It is critically important that we act.” Critically important? What is so critically important that normal legislative processes are expendable?

I have been inclined to dismiss the possibility of extreme new restrictions on guns, but now I believe they are likely. The Newtown massacre is a beautiful opportunity to divert the nation’s attention and display sham authority. Gun owners are the new scapegoats. As Matthew Bracken writes:

Scapegoating an unpopular group is standard operating procedure for budding socialist dictators wrecking once-free economies.

—- Comments —-

Terry Morris writes:

The manufactured crisis will come when law enforcement officers begin confiscating guns from law-abiding gun owners. We’ve tried to preempt this through the Oath Keepers and other organizations. But I fear that our efforts in this area have been largely unsuccessful. I’ve personally approached a number of active law enforcement officers reminding them of their duty to follow their oath to obey the Constitution, and defend it against all enemies, foreign and domestic. I would estimate that less than a third of those I’ve personally raised the issue with has said that he would refuse to obey orders to confiscate weapons from law-abiding citizens. Matt Bracken is right that this will create a real crisis situation between law-abiding gun owners and totalitarian-statist, unionist law enforcement personnel, otherwise known as brownshirts.

Kevin M. writes:

Does it strike you as odd that the Newtown massacre happened so shortly after Obama was re-elected, and yet nobody in the liberal press is claiming “Newtown was an inside job!”?

Sept. 11 occurred on the heels of George W. Bush’s election to office, and every liberal moron in the country decided that he staged the murder of 3,000 of his countrymen so he could invade the Middle East. Just after Obama is re-elected to office we have the perfect excuse (the mass murder of little children) to overhaul our gun laws, and nobody suspects a thing.

I guess liberal paranoia is best reserved for conservatives.

Natassia writes:

Libertarian-type conspiracy theorists believe that the Newtown massacre was an inside job. (A lot of the 9/11 truthers are also libertarian types. They hate Israel and believe the Mossad and Bush were in cahoots.)

For example, they argue that the father of Emilie Parker was acting during this press conference.

I have to admit, the father’s behavior was very strange.

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