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The Men Who Fought Against Women

January 31, 2013


ALAN writes:

Thank you so much for your excellent comments on the unbelievably ridiculous women-as-soldiers idea.  Here are a few additional thoughts:

Has any nation in history been stupid enough to permit their women to fight wars or defend their nation – and survived to tell about it?

Would Generals Patton and MacArthur look upon women-as-soldiers as a brilliant idea?  Or would they echo your judgment (mine, also) that it is one of the dumbest and most despicable ideas in history?

Will America’s greatest enemies look with approval and admiration upon the idea of women-as-soldiers?  Will they say to themselves, “Gee whiz, how come we didn’t think of that first?  Why can’t we be as enlightened and progressive as those Americans”?  Or will they say, “Look at what fools the Americans are”?

One of my uncles – who was not himself a veteran, having been too young for World War I and too old for World War II – would have laughed uproariously at the idea of women-as-soldiers.  Then he would express a  few choice words about the imbecility not of the people who proposed that idea but of those who agreed to accept it.

My grandfather would have weighed and considered that idea for a moment or so and then said, “This nation is dead.”

My father, a World War I veteran, would say it is among the most asinine ideas he had ever heard – and having lived through the 1960s’ Leftist Revolution, he had heard plenty of asinine ideas.

Another of my uncles was in the South Pacific during World War II.  If a group of females had been assigned to join his combat unit, I can just imagine him and his Army colleagues looking at each other and saying, “Thank goodness the girls will arrive soon to help us defeat the savage Japanese warriors.”  Or:  “Cheer up, men: As soon as they engage in battle with America’s fighting feminists, the Japanese warriors will be that much more eager to surrender.”

Laura writes:

Thank you.

As I wrote in an earlier entry today, “all of history is tainted with the claim that women can fight as well as men.”

Your grandfather, father, uncles and every military commander in history were all too stupid and misogynist to recognize the warrior capacity of women. All of military history is one sad, long, sorry tale of missed opportunities and hostility toward women. In other words — and here we have the bitter, ugly kernel — the men who lost their lives fighting for women were really fighting against them. We have in a single stroke diminished their sacrifices.

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LN writes:

Alan asks: “Has any nation in history been stupid enough to permit their women to fight wars or defend their nation – and survived to tell about it?”

One might also ask whether a nation willing to send its women into battle is worthy of survival, worthy of continuing.

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