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The Revolution Lives


TEXANNE writes:

While searching the Internet for coverage of the Walk for Life, I found this inauguration photo.

The Obamas’ iconic fists brought back memories of the protests that overwhelmed my college campus — and the nation at large — during the cultural upheaval of 1968-69.

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James N. writes:

Quote from David Horowitz (possibly not original to him, speaking about leftists’ behavior): “The issue is never the issue, the issue is always the revolution.”

It is surprising to me how few people, including almost all the elected Republicans who have the responsibility to oppose Obama, understand this simple truth about him and his appointed officials.

They [the Republicans] are constantly stuck down in the weeds arguing details, details abut which Obama cares not at all. Obama is a visionary, he has his eyes on the prize (the destruction of America), and for him all the twists and turn of the political process are simply means to an end.