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Violent, Gun-Free Britain

January 19, 2013


DANIEL S. writes:

Liberal pundits such as the repulsive Piers Morgan have spent quite a bit of time over the past few weeks casting Britain as some sort of violence-free paradise due to its draconian gun control legislation, in contrast with America which is supposedly overrun with mass shooters and the like. Meanwhile, reality in gun-free Britain is something else entirely. Muslim rape gangs have been forcing through the most brutal of methods (including assorted forms of torture) white British girls as young as eleven into sexual slavery and prostitution. In other parts of London radical Muslim thugs have been enforcing a de facto shariah regime in Muslim majority areas, with those who imbibe alcohol or wear clothing not in accord with Islamic law receiving threats and harassment.

Britain is now a dystopic, crime-ridden, multicultural, surveillance state (think Nineteen Eighty-Four meets The Camp of the Saints), but at least it has banned assault weapons.

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Perfesser Plum writes:

You’ve of course read many times that “guns are flying off the shelves” and that manufacturers are way behind orders. Permit me to give you a bit of description of what that looks like.

Down here in North Carolina, families (well, except for liberal Yankees who move down here, ppptoooie) have firearms as naturally we have have dogs. Firearms are part of a complete family. Especially shot guns and one or more long guns, such as a 30.30 rifle for deer and a .22 for varmints. Families that really LIKE firearms generally increase the panoply with a few revolvers (.357 magnum) and semi-automatic pistols (1911 military, in recognition of history). And perhaps an M1 Garand or two from WWII and Korea. We buy ammunition by the cubic foot.

Many gun stores have four or five persons lined up buying firearms. The once plentiful large lots of cartridges that used to be stacked all over are gone. The inexpensive but powerful battle rifles, such as the SKS, are gone. Stores are importing the inexpensive Mosin Nagant from Russia. 120 bucks. They come in crates of 30 or so. A crate is gone in a weekend. I’ve seen people buy two at a time. Then, of course, you go online and buy 500 rounds. Online ammo dealers, at least the ones I’ve used before, are now selling armor piercing ammunition for the M1 Garand. I’ve never seen that.

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