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Why Chelsea is a Mindless Groupie

January 12, 2013


IN THE entry about Bill Clinton and his award for Father of the Year, Lawrence Auster explains exactly why this award is so appalling. Clinton’s behavior as president stunted his only child’s formation. Mr. Auster writes:

William Clinton performed heinous acts which, when they became public, his young daughter, in order to maintain her relationship with her father, had to accept those acts and turn off her mind and her moral sense and turn herself into a zombie. He did this to his daughter, and now he’s awarded as an Ideal Father.

— Comments —-

Terry Morris writes:

It just occured to me as having some kind of significance, while reading your preface to Mr. Auster’s comments relating to Chelsea’s stunted development, that between them our last three Presidents have not produced a son. Talk about being stunted.

James P. writes:

Terry Morris observes that none of the past three Presidents had a son. Presidential sons before that were no great shakes either — the disastrous Bush sons, the egregious liberal twit Ron Reagan, the feckless JFK Jr. The last Presidential son worthy of respect was John Eisenhower.

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