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Daily Archives: February 2nd, 2013

More Advice to a Young Wife

  IN RESPONSE to the young woman who wrote in about her marriage, Matthew H. writes: The first year or two of marriage is always difficult. My wife and I married when I was 30, and the first year of our marriage was an ordeal, frankly. The wedding day was difficult, the honeymoon was difficult, most everything was […]


As All-Male Realms Vanish, the Priesthood Remains

  TEXANNE writes: Now that homosexuality is to be considered as a “battlefield multiplier,” and the military will be integrating women into combat units, being a soldier will be less attractive as a manly pursuit. Now that the Boy Scouts are signaling a compromise on homosexuality, scouting will lose it’s appeal and identity as challenging adventure […]

Why I Still Refer to “Constantinople”

  HENRY McCULLOCH writes: Thank you for your post about Constantinople. The story of the city’s siege and fall to the Turks on May 29, 1453 is an heroic and tragic one, one Christians should never forget.  It is also an object lesson in Moslem savagery we do well to remember, as well as a reminder of […]