The Thinking 

February 5, 2013


The Miller's Daughter, Anne Anderson (Courtesy of Art Passions)


A Literature Student in a Nihilistic Void

February 5, 2013


LEONORA writes:

Your post “Suffering and Purity of Heart” from January 20th caught my attention. A friend showed it to me on the day I had to go back to school after my winter break, and I have been experiencing the deep truth of those words first hand since then. I want to share some of that with you because it might be of interest to you.

I am a 25-year-old woman, studying and teaching language and literature on graduate level at a liberal state university in the Midwest. I would describe myself and my religious as well as political views as conservative for the most part. I am not married or in a relationship, and thus working and studying at the University, though I would be happy to give up my pursuit of a career for having a family and being a housewife with a good husband by my side any time. I will always be thinking about issues, reading, trying to stay informed and keeping my mind going, yet I realize more and more and feel strongly what women were really created for, and that is not to toughen up, be like men and pursue great careers as a primary goal.

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Will Catholic Bishops Go to Jail?

February 5, 2013


DANIEL S. writes:

Several American bishops have expressed their willingness to oppose Obama’s HHS mandate, even to the point of going to jail. I truly hope the bishops are sincere in this, and I pray they remain strong and steadfast in the facing the malevolent, secularist tyranny of Obama and the American government. Read More »