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Daily Archives: February 10th, 2013

CINOs and the Duplicitous E.J. Dionne

  DON VINCENZO writes: OVERWHELMING numbers of blacks, Latinos, Jews and Asians voted for President Obama in November. That is well-known. Less well-known is the fact that a majority of self-described Catholics, especially of Latin American ancestry, voted for him as well. While exit polls are notoriously inaccurate, more serious polling data from the election indicates […]

A Lenten Meditation

  DANIEL S. writes: With Lent at hand I think it fitting to reflect again upon the glory of our Savior’s Resurrection. I was today reading a collection of sermons by the late Serbian Archimandrite Justin Popovich and came across the following passage:

A Walk through Biotech Hell

HANNON writes: An older post of yours came to mind recently on a tour of the campus of University of California at Santa Barbara. I have long thought of this installation of buildings as particularly hideous, especially when contrasted against its lovely setting on an isolated ocean bluff. The land is flat and the rather […]

Winter Scenes

  JOSEPH L. EBBECKE writes: I  have gotten great pleasure from the many landscapes and still lifes you have posted. I have copied virtually all of them to my photo album. Here is one you may find attractive as I do. It’s by the American artist George Henry Durrie (1820-1863) and is titled Winter in the […]

Kissing Commies

  A READER writes: I’ve also noticed this creepily excessive hugging and kissing among politicians, but Democrats engage in it more frequently than Republicans. Its inconsistency with their speech and sexual harassment codes leads me to believe that it’s another of their self-congratulatory rituals of mutual identification, saying, “See, a dirty conservative can’t kiss and […]

An Interruption

  I HAVE been unable to do more than glance at my e-mails and at this site for several days due to extenuating circumstances. I plan to post recent comments today.