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Benedict Resigns

February 11, 2013


DANIEL S. writes:

The announced resignation of Pope Benedict by the end of the month has once again brought out all the frothing, dim- witted, liberal journalists who are wallowing in this opportunity to issue judgments on Benedict’s reign. Supposedly he was “dogged by scandal” and hurt dialogue with Jews, Protestants, and Muslims (if only!). His alleged petty, mean spirited actions? He quoted a 14th-century Byzantine emperor describing the founder of Islam in a negative (but accurate) manner; he affirmed that the Catholic Church possesses the fullness of Truth, and he sought to reconcile the traditionalist Society of Saint Pius X with Rome (which made leftist Jews, who already hated the Church, mad). He is being accused by the liberal media of “turning back the clock” for refusing to compromise on the Church’s eternal moral teachings. Read More »

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