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On the Fragmentation of the Papacy

February 12, 2013


AT Tradition in Action, Atila Sinke Guimarães writes:

[I] think that there is no one in the College of Cardinals who is not committed to Progressivism. And if by some odd chance one would pop up, he would not have any possibility to be elected Pope.

Therefore, to know what agenda the next Pontiff will have for the Church, it is my opinion that one should ask: What are the main interests of Progressivism today? Answering this question, he has a good chance of realizing what will happen.

[NOTE: This article at TIA was written upon the death of John Paul II. It was posted again this week with the comment that its main arguments are relevant now. My apologies for failing to note this when I initially posted it.]

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February 12, 2013


Farmyard in Winter, George Henry Durrie, 1858


When Is a House Too Big?

February 12, 2013


CHRISTIE writes:

As a housewife and mother raised by a feminist “working woman,” I appreciate your insight into living under a traditional value system. The thoughts you and your readers have shared on your site have been so valuable to me as I figure out how to follow my conscience as a mother in a world that provides no example how to do so.

I am hoping you and perhaps your readers can help me with my current situation. Read More »

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