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Latin Lives On

February 14, 2013



A classical education is of enduring value. Here is an advertisement that I just received from Memoria Press:

How knowing Latin helped one reporter get the scoop of the century

You never know when a classical education will come in handy. Giovanna Chirri, the Vatican reporter for ANSA, the leading news wire service in Italy, was covering a regularly scheduled speech by Pope Benedict on Monday, when he suddenly began speaking in Latin. She immediately realized what he was saying. Read More »


Backyard Chickens in the Suburbs

February 14, 2013



I was raised on a family farm and have a childhood of experience raising chickens, geese and ducks (among other animals).  At our last home in the country I had a flock of 20 chickens, which provided eggs and garden fertilizer, reduced the bug and worm population, provided dinner to a couple of passing coyote’s and amused our family with their antics.

Since moving to our current home four years ago, we have learned that we cannot raise backyard chickens in residential zoning.  There have been two attempts since 2011 to change the ordinance to no effect.  See articles about zoning restrictions herehere and here. Read More »

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