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An Epiphany

February 23, 2013



It just dawned upon me a little while ago. Even though I have my advanced education and worked hard to get it, I have drifted aimlessly. This is something which has worried me no end because my brothers, friends and relatives (in Asia) always had goals and they set their sights upon those goals and achieved them. They have not stopped and they continue to prosper. One common thread runs through this: they are all married and have families. Consequently they are driven to prosper because of their love for their wives and children.

I have realized that after living in a feminized, emasculating culture where women have displaced men at every level of the workforce with laws in their favor giving them the ability to make money and in some cases big money, a man has become unnecessary for most women. I as a 44-year-old man realize that if there was a woman to love and a woman who would love and appreciate me for who I am, I would move mountains for her. But alas, at this point in my life, I am not motivated to move that mountain. I am thankful to have a modest job and live for myself.

Man is driven to build civilization not just for himself but for the love of women and his progeny.

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