The Thinking 

A Lenten Meditation

February 10, 2013


DANIEL S. writes:

With Lent at hand I think it fitting to reflect again upon the glory of our Savior’s Resurrection. I was today reading a collection of sermons by the late Serbian Archimandrite Justin Popovich and came across the following passage:

Men sentenced God to death, but He sentenced them to immortality by His Resurrection. In return for blows, He embraces them; in return for abuses, He blesses; in return for death, He gives immortality. Men never showed so much hate for God as when they crucified Him, and God never showed more love for man then when He resurrected. Men even wanted to make God mortal, but God by his Resurrection made men immortal. The crucified God is Risen and has killed death. Death is no more. Immortality has encircled man and all his worlds.

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