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Go To College — And Get a Sex Change Operation

February 13, 2013


THE student health plans at 36 American colleges, including Brown University, now cover sex change operations for students, The New York Times reports. A number of other colleges offer hormone therapy. In other words, America’s elite institutions cover the costs of self-mutilation for the confused and desperate. According to The Times:

Princeton says on its Web site that it has been named a “top 10 trans friendly university” and that “recently, we launched an online guide” for transgender students. The university’s student policy covers hormone therapy but not surgery, but it is, along with Yale, one of several in that category that say they are considering adding surgical coverage.

“The university is actively exploring the possibility of offering benefits for gender reassignment surgery,” for both students and employees, said Martin A. Mbugua, a Princeton spokesman.

— Comments —

Alyssa writes:

Students these days cannot even choose their majors. And now they are further tempted by these institutions to make questionable decisions that will affect them and everyone involved with them for life. This is outrageous!

A Grateful Reader writes:

“Paris crowned him, Sodom would have banished him,” wrote Joseph de Maistre about Voltaire. Brown and the other Ivy League universities have also gone “on beyond Sodom” to depths of inhumanity. Even the French Revolutionaries themselves, in throwing away tradition, or those authors who celebrated the casting off of the shackles of hierarchy and standards could not have imagined the filth that we would come to wallow in.

In 1831, de Maistre wrote of Voltaire:

…”Ah! What harm he has done us, like that insect the bane of the gardens, which seeks out and gnaws the roots of the most precious plants, Voltaire, with his needle-pointed style, stabs continually at the two roots of society, women and young people; he fills them full of his venoms, which he transmits thus from one generation to the next…”

Unfortunately, Victor Hugo’s opinion of Voltaire is much more common today. Where de Maistre sees Voltaire’s face as set in a “grimace,”  Hugo writes of Voltaire, “…in that deepset eye, the smile appears. This smile is wisdom. This smile, I repeat, is Voltaire.” Hugo continues: “Against the mighty it [the smile] is mocking; in behalf of the weak it is tender. It disturbs the oppressor and comforts the oppressed…He illuminated the true, the just, the good, and what there is of honesty in the useful. He lit up the interior of superstitions; these ugly sights are good for us to see, and he showed them…The new society, the desire for equality and justice and that first stage of brotherhood which is called toleration, mutual good will, the due proportioning of men and rights, the recognition of reason as a supreme law, the eradication of prejudices and preconceptions, the serenity of the soul, the spirit of indulgence and pardon, harmony, peace–that is what came forth from the great smile.” Hugo’s hagiography ends, “The work of the evangelist is fulfilled in the work of the philosopher; what the spirit of inspiration began, the spirit of toleration continues. Let us say it in a spirit of deepest respect, Jesus wept, Voltaire smiled; and it is from this divine tear and this human smile that the glory of modern civilization is compounded.” And the crowd roared as he ended his oration on the occasion of the centenary of Voltaire’s death.

Is it any wonder that the musical based on Hugo’s magnum opus, the morally confused, promiscuously compassionate, and overly sentimental Les Miz, plays equally well in Peoria and Princeton today and few (either in the streets or the hallowed halls) have heard the name of Joseph de Maistre. When you wonder “where are the grown ups in the universities?” do not despair; for in the wasteland of higher education, there is at least one professor, namely Thomas F. Bertonneau, who teaches his students about the modern anti-modernists, such as T. S. Eliot, Ortega Y Gasset, Nicholas Berdyayev, Rene Guenon, and Rene Girard, all of whom try to lead us out of the mud and muddled thought into the fresh fields and clear streams of reality. May he find many willing and able students.

Daniël O. writes:

It is clearly a triumph for equality that students can get a sex change operation. At last it is possible for men to benefit from the feminist affirmative action policies at these universities — simply by becoming a woman. If Adam wants to become a professor, then he can increase his chances significantly by becoming, well, Eve.

Laura write:


Perfesser Plum writes:

The LGBTQRSTUV “community” is skipping and prancing pretty good at the collitch I infest. The gayest of the gay display their gaiety by wearing short shorts (the leakage of adipose tissue at top and bottom is not attractive, by the way. When will these girls learn?) and by walking across the campus hand in hand–or hand in their current “partner’s” back pocket—while sucking on a lollipop shaped like something I’d rather not describe. I’m pretty sure that the whole gay thing is schtick designed to gain attention, Honey.

I’m also beginning to suspect that much homosexual bashing is simply what ordinary guys do when sufficiently provoked by someone (homosexual or not) who acts like an ass. “One more lisp and you’ll be lisping out of a fat lip. That constant hiss is driving me mad.”

One could allow oneself to become incensed as we mince and prance our way to Sodom, but I’ve decided to take it as pretty funny.

New T shirt. “Hey, I went to the Student Health Service to get a T shirt, and all I got was this lousy vagina.”

“Do you think this bra goes with my book bag?”

“Hey, Professor Dykesdale, I’ll be a little late to your course on The Future of Lesbian Sex, or, What do you do when the batteries run low? I’m getting castrated after lunch.”

Texanne writes:

When I visited my daughter at Harvard over a decade ago, sex confusion and transgression already seemed to be “the new normal” on campus, and I was first introduced to the subject of sex change surgery through articles in the student newspapers. A few years later it was becoming a trend.

It caught the attention of the mainstream media when girls who had enrolled in single-sex schools, such as Smith, started changing their sexual identities and bodies to various points on the scale between female and male. I don’t know whether colleges such as Smith and Wellesly are still considered women’s schools.

Parents of our generation were generally not naive about the dangerous mix of sex, alcohol and unsupervised adolescence on college campuses, but we could never have imagined that the adults to whom we entrusted our children would accommodate and encourage teenagers who were losing their minds and bodies in this way.

The evil Dr. Mengele was once reviled for his horrifying experimentation and mutilation of bodies. Now it is considered a necessary student service.

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