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Kissing Commies

February 10, 2013


A READER writes:

I’ve also noticed this creepily excessive hugging and kissing among politicians, but Democrats engage in it more frequently than Republicans. Its inconsistency with their speech and sexual harassment codes leads me to believe that it’s another of their self-congratulatory rituals of mutual identification, saying, “See, a dirty conservative can’t kiss and  hug except as the prelude to sexual conquest; but we enlightened liberals can touch each other’s bodies in a loving, but non-sexual way.”

It also smacks of both Europe and Hollywood, giving it a double frisson for liberals.  It won’t be long before American politicians will be greeting each other as Khrushchev greeted Yuri Gagarin!

— Comments —

Alex writes:

Men kissing each other on the cheek is quite common in Eastern Europe and it was a custom long before the Communists.

Laura writes:

Yes, it’s never been an American tradition.

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