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Mirren on Motherhood

February 17, 2013


IF the actress Helen Mirren’s mother had possessed the same revulsion toward motherhood that Mirren herself possesses, the actress would not have existed — or she would have had a hellish childhood. In a recent interview with Vogue, in which she comments on her childlessness, Mirren displays the standard infantile stupidity of actresses today, judging from the above account of the interview in The Telegraph. Notice the photographs that accompany the Vogue piece. They are chilling. It’s not her childlessness itself that explains the iciness we see here. A childless woman can still be warm and feminine. It’s her hatred.


—– Comments —–

Perfesser Plum writes:

The strident anti-motherhood, anti-babyists are more nauseating than the anti-meatists. However, I take comfort in the fact that the former voluntarily remove their obnoxious kind from the gene pool, while the latter are so generally loathsome that no one would want to make a baby with them. We should encourage them.

“Right. Nuts to babies!”

“Phooey! Who wants a baby, anyway?”

“Pregnancy! Gross!”

Laura writes:

I don’t take comfort in the sterility or low fertility of Western women. The child of Helen Mirren might reject everything she believes in.

Perfesser Plum responds:

Dang! Good point!

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