The Thinking 

On the Abdication of the Pope

February 19, 2013


WRITING at The Remnant, Chris Ferrara theorizes that Pope Benedict XVI resigned his throne because he no longer had the strength to fight the Church’s enemies from within. Ferrara writes:

[T]he Pope has abdicated because he perceives that he is simply unable to mitigate any further the ecclesial chaos John Paul “the Great” left behind after the vast crowds had dispersed and their rowdy cheers of “Santo Subito” had faded away. I believe—or at least I want to believe—that Benedict sees as the only hope for an ecclesial restoration the elevation of a younger, fitter conservative to the Throne of Peter. I also believe that Benedict has concluded that if he were to remain in office for several years to come, something disastrous would happen that a more vigorous successor, if elected now, might be able to avert—about which more in a moment.

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