The Thinking 

The “Pay Gap”

February 26, 2013



Note in this chart published in The Washington Post that the top five jobs in which men are paid more than women are jobs in which people are paid for performance. Two more on the list fall into the same category.

Laura writes:

Dylan Matthews of The Post writes:

Interestingly, many blue collar professions — such as cafeteria work, security guard work, and warehouse stock clerking —are the most egalitarian in their compensation, while female white collar professionals like doctors, stock brokers and insurance saleswomen face among the worst pay gaps around.

Duh. These blue-collar jobs are easy entry, easy exit and don’t require a long-term commitment.

Deceitful articles on the “gender gap” never mention that the higher earnings of men more often than not go to support women. Journalists write on this subject as if men and women are entirely independent of each other. The fact that women now make more than 80 percent of what men make is a sign not that women are doing better than in the past, but that they are doing worse.

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