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White in Philadelphia

March 6, 2013


ROBERT HUBER writes in Philadelphia Magazine on “Being White in Philly,” a majority nonwhite city. Huber describes — blandly and without indignation — the squalor and fear that are common in many parts of the city due to black crime and negligence. He says whites deliberately adopt a sunny attitude. They live in denial, never stating the obvious and removing what is disturbing from their thoughts. Huber deserves credit for admitting that many things are left unsaid, but he then predictably concludes that the real problem is that whites and blacks don’t try hard enough to connect. If only whites could manage to engage blacks in “dialogue,” everything would be better.

That’s all liberals have to offer on the subject of race: endless “dialogue,” a merry-go-round of talk that leads to nothing more than dizzying, incapacitating white guilt and confusion. It inevitably leads to one conclusion: whites are to blame in some form or another for black dysfunction. Dialogue is an exercise in escapism.

Huber’s lengthy piece includes an interview with “Jen,” a white woman from Fairmount who criticizes her white neighbors for refusing to send their children to an elementary school that is 74 percent black. In the comments section following the article, we find the honesty that Huber never approaches himself. A reader writes that “white peoples brains would blow up” if anyone spoke the truth about the “overt disdain” many blacks possess toward whites. He writes:

As I white kid whose well-meaning parents enrolled him in a majority black school for the same noble reasons as “Jen”, I just have to say that that decision is really negligent. I love how she makes it about herself. I love my parents dearly and have never told them about how lonely and terrifying it was to be one of the only white kids in my grade school. I love them too much to put that kind of guilt on them. I was constantly teased, picked on, and bullied by a few kids… and even the nicer kids never seemed to display any sort of empathy. Given the state of race relations in this country, and the overt disdain black people have for whites, I don’t suppose I see how that would be surprising. Whites only think racism goes one way… they have no idea what its like for those of us in the trenches. Especially kids.

One thing that I came to see as a kid was that there was no end to the scorn for being white. While I didn’t “wish I was black” per se, I definitely craved validation from the only people I was surrounded by, and for us handful of white kids, there was no higher compliment in life than being accepted by black kids as “cool”, and somehow transcending our being white. I had one friend in 4-5 grade, and actually a few up through 8th grade. That said, there was no greater scorn among black kdis than that for kids who tried too hard to be black,. The irony was that those kids did actually find acceptance from a small group of friends, but that acceptance was in no way carried over to anyone outside of their group that accepted them: they were targeted by anybody outside that group, and generally made to look the fool. I never took that last step– It was impossible for me because my parents were white educated liberals… it was mostly lower class kids who actually had no home life who turned into those kids, Actually, that isn’t true, I did know 2 others more like my background who turned out like that. The worst part was that my parents, like Jen, thought that I was getting so much cultural value out of this experience. They couldn’t have been further from the truth: I probably would be more positively disposed to black people as a group had I grown up in the suburbs. Again, even though I still have actual black friends, I definitely do not fall for all the white people are all racist lines. I really, really hope Jen’s kids turn out OK– I can guarantee they will probably have MAJOR issues throughout the rest of their lives. Not to mention, the academics, no matter how much Jen decides she just loves the teachers and the schools, are TERRIBLE. No one cares about schoolwork, even the teachers. Jen’s on a moral superiority mission, and her children are the victims. I guarantee 100% that they dread going to school. If white privilege is the right to a carefree childhood, they are being robbed of their birthright. Almost every day I wish things had been different for my childhood. And to tie this in a little bit with the story: I have never been able to tell my story to anyone. White people’s brains would blow up, black people get hostile (see comment to my first post)… it’s just a story that simply doesn’t compute in today’s racial narrative.

— Comments —

Bruce writes:

My wife and I attended Florida’s “diverse” public high schools in the 1990s. She and her friends often had young, “diverse” gentlemen attempt to solicit intercourse from them. When they politely refused, they would receive comments like, “What’s the matter? Is yo daddy in the Klan?” Basically, it amounted to leftist-racial blackmail. One of her friends experienced an incident where one of these young gentlemen grabbed her by the head (while she was seated) and proceeded to do to her head what an unneutered dog does to your leg.

If you send your children to diverse public schools, you’re either an idiot or you don’t love them.

Crystal writes:

I attended a Catholic school in Indiana that was incredibly diverse, white being slightly less than 50 percent of the total student body. I believe you are mistaken in lumping diversity in with public education. Diverse is not an automatic road to predatory behavior toward white students, it depends on the school itself and what the values of the institution are. A religious institution that emphasizes the inherent worth and responsibilities of all peoples can make a great difference in how students act toward their peers and authority.

Laura writes:

I entirely agree that the values of a school are important. I’m not sure what you mean when you say, “I believe you are mistaken in lumping diversity in with public education.” The discussion above is about public schools in which whites are significantly outnumbered is exalted. That is not the case everywhere. Besides, “diversity,” which is synonymous with anti-white animus, is exalted throughout our public education system.

Terry Morris writes:

Crystal wrote:

“Diverse is not an automatic road to predatory behavior toward white students.”

It is, almost invariably, in the public education system. There are exceptions, obviously, but that is the rule, and for precisely the reasons you state. Namely that the public education system (the system, not every single school that is part of it) is infused with modern liberal values. I know of a few public schools that, by comparison to the really bad ones, are pretty good. But that is like comparing my State, Oklahoma, to, say, Massachusetts, and concluding that Oklahoma is a “ultra-conservative” State, which is, well, ridiculous to say the least.

Moreover, there are, by my estimation, three primary educational establishments in America – (1) the home, (2) the church, and (3), schools. Whenever each of these is itself infused with a hatred towards whites, as is commonplace within the black American community as a whole, then it stands to reason that this would manifest itself in the behavior of black children towards white children when the two are brought together as in the public school setting. Were it up to me there would exist no forced integration. And, of course, that is the case with private religious schools, where the non-white student body is generally made up of children who are also raised in good families and attend good churches. So it isn’t simply the values of the particular school that makes the difference in other words, it is a combination of the particular family’s values, their community’s values, and the values taught in the schools.

Muslims generally hate Jews because they’re taught in their family environments, in their mosques, and in the medrassas, to hate Jews.

Paul writes:

The irrelevant arguments about children in religious institutions and fifty percent black populations in schools are discouraging because they reveal the irrational liberal mindset that we traditionalists must deal with daily.  Liberals grasp at straws to find reasons to excuse their or their allies’ behavior.

Late at work this evening, I spent about an hour debating two liberals (one white Jew and one black) about various subjects.  The black confessed that as a grade-school student, he had stolen a bike or bikes from “those that did not need them.”  I asked, “Who did not need them?”  The subjects were changing rapidly, and so I did not get a response; but we know exactly whom he was talking about.  He is about 56.

This was exactly why my parents took my brother and I out of public schools after the fourth grade (when integration was starting) and moved farther away from the increasingly black city.  In addition, there was a white Mardi Gras Day parade in an adjacent parish that would come one block into the black city to make its turn to return to the adjacent parish.  As a seven- to nine-year-old, I had to watch in horror as blacks pulled the riders from a float and beat them.  Every year we had all costumed and attended that parade at that site with our extended family and friends.  Our old-country, crippled Aunt ‘Maria (final ‘a’ as in “ah”) would make delicious Crepe Suzettes.  We never attended the parade again.  We moved and enjoyed our new all-white parish’s two parades immensely.  Liberals have been out of excuses for decades; their religion prevents them from seeing the truth.  And it is a religion; I expect I could write a liberal bible given some months.

For example, liberal reasoning from today follows.  Illegal immigration came up, and I quickly pointed out why and how it is destructive.  The obstinate response was, “Well after Katrina, the illegals put roofs back on all the homes.”  After I got the white to admit he was in favor of minimum wage laws and that the illegals were paid below minimum wage by corrupt contractors, the white refused to admit that such exploitation destroyed his idea of the goodness of the whole occurrence.  He also tried to justify the Mexican belief that the Southwest was theirs because it was taken by warfare.  When I asked whether we should therefore excuse it if Germany were to abrogate its World War II treaty and attack France again to reclaim the Alsace-Lorraine or America attack Canada to reclaim it after our treaty with the British, he sputtered and sputtered as I kept pounding him by saying, “That is what you are saying.”

It ain’t easy arguing with liberals, who refuse to accept truth because it is against their religion.  It is hypocritical and revealing that they accuse only Christians of ignoring so-called liberal truths.

Alissa writes:

Pardon me, but what do you mean by “incredibly diverse,” Crystal? That the other 50 percent was black, Hispanic, or Asian? I’m writing this because white liberal syndrome has infected a lot of white Americans. When white liberals speak of “diversity” in their 80 percent white neighborhoods, it’s usually the cream of the crop exceptional Asians (mostly Chinese and Indians).

It isn’t a mistake that Crystal would like to defend diversity and multiculturalism. Most women have an inclusive instinct.

I say this as a biracial woman who lives in an African country and is sickened by aspects of it. It’s always white liberal women who leapt to defend the most savage black men. It’s ridiculous. They put up pictures of small black babies and other minorities and they adopt foreign children from other races and cultures.

Please, Crystal, don’t put a strange white liberal mommy instinct upon savage black men. It isn’t a mistake that in dating websites some Latin American women, biracial women and African women seek foreign European men. It isn’t because of gold digging and green cards or whatever white liberal feminists in the Western world harp on about. It’s because we know how we are, see how we act and don’t want that future for our own babies in the long-run.

White women crusading for their “human rights” in the Third World are seen as sexy and cool man but a foreign biracial girl who wants to have a family with a white man is some sort of a whore, gold-digger and self-hating.

I will never understand why most modern Western white women defend diversity and multiculturalism to such an extreme.

Bruce adds:

Also, I wrote “diverse” in my comment to avoid writing “black” from my work e-mail. Our school wasn’t diverse. It was black and white.

Perfesser Plum writes:

With all due respect, I think Crystal has it backwards when she writes, “A religious institution that emphasizes the inherent worth and responsibilities of all peoples can make a great difference in how students act toward their peers and authority.”

I suspect that the school has little to do with it. It’s likely that black parents who already have those values send their children to a Catholic school.

At the same time, when a public school is infected with black jive talk, males and females enraged by the slightest imagined disrespect (how exactly does one show respect to a fool with his pants below his butt and his cap facing west southwest?), constant noise and fighting, arrogant displays of stupidity, and drug deals going down, it is impossible for there to be a culture that “emphasizes the inherent worth and responsibilities of all peoples,” because the teachers and administrators are forced to be guards and wardens, and the whole enterprise resembles a combination mad house and prison.

Many educationists wring their (dainty) hands at the high rate of drop out in blacks. I believe the drop out rate is not high enough. Since dropping out is simply the last step of a failure trajectory, I advocate uncivilized blacks (and anyone else) dropping out before they degrade high schools. Drop early. Drop often. Encourage them to leave at 15.

Laura writes:

The answer is segregated schools. These would serve both blacks and whites better. They would take into account racial differences. Of course, we do have de facto segregation to a large extent, but not in the curricula and disciplinary approach.

The school system in Philadelphia is in a state of chaos, and part of this is due to the refusal to acknowledge racial differences. A friend of mine recently ended a five-month stint in a largely black Philadelphia school. She was teaching ninth grade. I cannot accurately describe what she went through without resorting to obscene language. She was verbally assaulted by her black students everyday, openly told that she was a no good mother —-. Many of the students came to school with two cell phones — one for their calls and one for their games. They walked in and out of class at will and ate bags of potato chips and candy bars during class. She was constantly berated by her black supervisor. No students are expelled, even when they assault a teacher. A fellow teacher told her ninth grade students one day to pick up the litter they had thrown on the floor during class. She turned toward the door and said, “No one is leaving until the trash is picked up.” A student then threw a large textbook at her head, which hit the door, causing a mild concussion.

My friend gave up and left even though she wanted the job and likes to teach.

There are many good teachers and good students in these schools, and I don’t mean to suggest that schools can reverse what is experienced outside school, but the entire mentality is not geared to the student population, which needs more discipline and more emphasis on basics.

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