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Boy Scouts March in Gay Pride Parade

June 3, 2013


SEVERAL boy scouts and an adult scoutmaster marched in uniform at the head of the Utah Pride Festival Parade in Salt Lake City Sunday. According to NBC:

Peter Brownstein, a Scoutmaster in Salt Lake City who helped organize the Boy Scouts participation in the march, said a few adults and youth marched at the front of the parade in uniform, including a Cub Scout, a Boy Scout and his stepdad, an Eagle Scout, who borrowed a uniform to wear, and an Asst. Scoutmaster.

The regional head of Boy Scout of America said the action violates Scout policy which prohibits scouts from wearing uniforms at “political events.” (This is not an honest policy. Boy Scouts have historically participated in political events. Fourth of July parades are political events.) But he said he would not take any action to discipline those in the Salt Lake City parade. A national spokesperson said any action was up to the regional council.

According to a newly-enacted membership rule, openly homosexual individuals cannot be excluded from the Scouts. This means in effect, as we see here and as was argued in previous discussions (see here, here and here), that the Boy Scouts of America is a pro-homosexuality organization. The Boy Scouts of America now promotes homosexuality.

—- Comments —

Mary writes:

Interesting that this took place in Salt Lake City, as the Mormons are America’s largest sponsor of scouting. The new policy to allow homosexual boys into scouting could not have passed without the support of the Mormons; they could have killed it very handily if they so chose. But they apparently feel that since all sexual activity is prohibited in scouting, whether homo- or heterosexual, this new policy changes nothing. They failed to recognize this policy as the stepping-stone move that it is to gay BSA leadership; and when these gay scouts become adults and demand leadership positions the BSA can hardly require celibacy from them. Since an assistant scout leader can be as young as 18, the Mormons can start regretting their decision any time now.

Laura writes:

In an official statement on the BSA’s new policy, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints said, “We trust that BSA will implement and administer the approved policy in an appropriate and effective manner.”

The Mormons are not alone in believing that because the BSA does not allow scouts to pursue any kind of sexual conduct the admission of openly homosexual boys will not make any significant difference. A spokesman for the National Catholic Committee on Scouting said, “Scouting is still the best youth-serving program available to all youth.”

It would be nice to be able to attribute these statements to innocence or wishful thinking, but contemptible spinelessness is the only reasonable explanation for them. These men could not possibly be unaware of the campaign to normalize homosexuality that is all around them, a campaign that will stop short of nothing less than using the homosexual scout — and eventually the homosexual scout leader — to prove that homosexuality is good. Homosexuality can only be widely accepted as good at the expense of destroying all of the foundations of civilized decency. For if homosexuality is good than our civilization is irretrievably bad.

SJF writes:

The article mentioned that this act violated BSA policy, but that the BSA authorities would not take any action against the leaders or participating scouts. Imagine the reaction of the BSA powers if scouts had marched in a Tea Party parade . . . .

My son is a Life Scout in Denver with a troop chartered by a Catholic parish. We have received no guidance from the pastor, troop leadership or the Archdiocese. Oh, wait, the Archdiocese did write something about treating everyone charitably, and that a person’s sexuality is not the sum total of his being ….. So do you think the Archdiocese will remind the homos to act charitably when we stand up for Truth in our Troop? Nah.

Laura writes:

If scouts had marched at the head of a parade against same-sex “marriage,” I doubt the national office would be so tolerant.

Terry Morris writes:

Yes, I figured it wouldn’t be long following the late infamous vote to allow openly homosexual boys into the Scouts before we’d begin seeing the Scouts debasing themselves and the organization by participating in such events. It was inevitable, and we shall see more of this, and worse in the weeks and months to come. I won’t say what these boys’ fathers deserve for allowing their boys to participate, but it has something to do with a horse and a whip. And I’m serious about that.

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