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Catholic Bishops Who Promote National Suicide

June 14, 2013



Christopher Manion’s 2011 Crisis magazine article, “The Catholic Bishops and Immigration Reform” is an indictment of the malfeasance of the “American” (italics entirely intentional) Catholic Bishops concerning immigration and the United States’ borders that is timelier than ever.  I highly recommend it as the execrable Charles Schumer, boy-idiot Marco Rubio, man-lunatic John McCain and light-in-the-loafers Lindsey Graham conspire with Barack Hussein Obama, the Democratic Party and the Republican establishment — bought by such as Sheldon Adelson and Mark Zuckerberg — to destroy the United States through their illegal-alien-amnestying, “guest”-worker-increasing, legal-and-illegal-immigration-increasing, immigration enforcement-gutting S. 744 bill.

Manion writes persuasively but it’s curious that though he constantly mentions the padre who replaced disgraced Roger Mahony as Archbishop of Los Angeles, Manion avoids naming that new archbishop.  The excelentísimo monseñor of whom he writes is José Gómez.  Maybe Manion thought mentioning the pro-amnesty prelate’s so stereotypically Mexican name would be rubbing it in.  But why not rub it in?  Americans need our noses rubbed in what’s being done to us by our “elites.”  Catholic Americans may be interested to know that their country’s largest diocese is run by a Mexican with a profound conflict of loyalties, to put it as politely as possible.

I know a little about José Gómez, as he was the Archbishop of San Antonio — where most of my family is — for six years.  Although he is now a naturalized U.S. citizen, Gómez is now and has been since his arrival in America an agent of influence of Mexico in the United States, breaking his naturalization oath from the moment he swore it.  Shamelessly and unabashedly.  (So was Mahony; but at least in Gómez’s case his motivations are easier to discern.)  One good thing about Gómez that I remember from his tenure in San Antonio is that he embraced Summorum Pontificum, although I don’t know if he did anything to implement it.  He is also affiliated with Opus Dei, which I take as to his credit.

Maybe it’s quibbling, but I wouldn’t have written “an American citizen born in Monterrey, Mexico” to describe Archbishop Gómez.  I would have written “a Mexican who immigrated to the United States and was later naturalized,” because I don’t believe Gómez really thinks of himself as American.  I don’t.  He is too much a special pleader for his compadres, the American greater good be damned.

I can vouch for Manion’s observations about Mexican prelates in Mexico.  I have attended Masses in Mexican cities presided over by Cardinal Archbishops who gave homilies boiling with indignation at the terrible injustices their entirely innocent fellow-Mexicans in El Norte constantly suffered at the hands of the hard-hearted gringos — more than 20 years ago.  But most of them were after the 1986 illegal-alien amnesty, which — largely due to Schumer — had no enforcement effect whatever, and whose beneficiaries were overwhelmingly Mexican.  ¿Gratitud?  ¡We don’t need no steenkin’ gratitud!

As Manion notes, a resentment of the gringo enters America with many Mexicans.  It is nothing new, and it lingers.

All things to think about as our politicians work so hard to give away our country.  Beware.

— Comments —-

Aservant writes:

Take a look around. “National suicide”? What nation, may I ask? This nation died some time ago. That is if as a Christian one considers the biblical definition (in other words, “true” or “real” meaning) of what a nation is. There is nothing worth preserving here anymore. There is only one viable answer and solution to the situation that we find ourselves in; separation and then creation of true nations based upon shared cultures.

To understand and accept this, one must understand Christian scripture in its profundity. The ancient Israelites were told by God that they would be blessed by Him if they kept His covenant. And for a time they did, and indeed, they were blessed. But then they strayed, and not only once, but repeatedly. They forgot God and became vain, so His promise was fulfilled against them as to what would happen if they did not honor Him as they were commanded. A part of this promise was that foreigners would occupy their lands and would come to dominate them, no matter what remedies the Israelites tried to employ.

America is no different. The founders kept God’s law. Today, their descendants urinate upon it.

Personally, I think the future will be very dismal as the non-European masses establish their values upon us. In fact, much of our current reality already is very, very dismal. But who am I or we, to protest the righteous judgement of God? Could I say that the vast majority of those of European descents in this country are deserving of the fruits of their labor in this nation today? I could not. The fact is, I can say with a clean conscience, before God the Almighty, that as an accomplished manager with three decades of tenure in my profession, the whites of this country have become useless dross. Not all of course, but the vast majority. I know this because time after time the only people that I can find that will at least work in humble submission to my direction are Mexican immigrants. I am not saying that they are better people than my own because of this or that they are deserving to rule over us. But what I can say is that the prophecy has come true. God said that if His people would not submit to Him and do His will, that He would bring an inferior people to rule over them, a people that would enjoy all of the fruits of His people’s endeavors because they did not deserve them.

Praise be to God. May the rebels be destroyed. Keep the word of the Lord close to your heart and you will be spared. Do not lament His righteous judgement but praise it instead.

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