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The Meaning of the Rodeo Clown Incident

August 15, 2013




People have expressed amazement at the media frenzy condemning a Missouri State Fair rodeo clown who wore an Obama mask. Rush Limbaugh said it’s because the left has thin skin and cannot stand to be mocked. How else to understand a firestorm over a rodeo at an obscure event in fly-over-land? It’s this: The national media, which is the propaganda arm of the revolution, saw in this yet another opportunity to demonize traditional Americans as morally illegitimate. “Racism” is like kryptonite to most trads and whenever it’s waved in our faces we roll over and wet ourselves, as can be seen in the humiliating abasement of every responsible party in Missouri, who vow to send rodeo clowns to sensitivity training and promise our moral betters it will never happen again.

That is why we have the curious spectacle of a local rodeo clown becoming national news. That’s why we had the curious spectacle of the President of the United States weighing in on an obscure killing in Florida; the revolution is advanced by having the Propaganda Minister constantly attacking the resistance, constantly seeking to undermine our moral legitimacy, keeping us constantly on the defensive, apologizing, groveling, confused, leaderless and despairing. We are the only obstacle, in their minds, that stands between them and their depraved utopia. But if the demonization didn’t work so well it wouldn’t be happening. We bring it on ourselves by moral confusion and cowardice. We conceded too much, compromised where we should not have, and now they are ruthless in using our confession of “sin” as a club to pound us into dust. They’ll keep on pounding until we get up and refuse to take it any more.

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Buck writes:

Here’s a video of President Obama happily wearing an “Obama” mask very similar to the one worn by the rodeo clown, but doing so for a proper audience. Jump to 4:00.
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