The Thinking 

Auster on “The War Against White America”

March 31, 2014


TO further mark the first anniversary of Lawrence Auster’s death, I offer this excerpt from his speech, “Multiculturalism and the War Against White America,” delivered at the 1994 American Renaissance conference. Everything he says is as pertinent today, twenty years later, as it was then. An excerpt:

So before we recoil in horror or embarrassment from speaking explicitly about race, let us remember that America’s current politics is already a race-conscious politics, only it’s a politics based on lies about race. It’s a politics directed against whites and their civilization. And it pretends that it’s not about race at all, but that it’s race-neutral and universal. So instead of today’s race-conscious politics, which is based on lies about race, let us have a race-conscious politics based on truths about race.

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