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Uganda President’s Rebuke of the West

March 4, 2014



THE excellent speech given by President Yoweri Museveni of Uganda on Feb. 24th on the signing of his anti-homosexuality bill is well worth reading in its entirety for its unequivocal rejection of pressure by the Obama administration. Margaret Galitzin has commentary here. Museveni’s actions would likely arouse much, much more hatred in the West, probably the kind of all-out antipathy and hatred extended to Putin for Russia’s anti-homosexual propaganda bill, if he were a white European.

— Comments —

Jane writes:

Ugh! I think this is a ruse. So far, Scotland and the Netherlands are getting ready to offer asylum to Ugandan gays. Gay or not here they come.

Laura writes:

The entire population of Uganda is now worthy of political refugee status.

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