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The Masculinity of Satan

May 13, 2014



Le Grand Saint Michel, Raffaello Sanzio,

I WILL give five dollars to any reader who can find a single instance of a feminist complaining about the fact that Satan is always referred to as male. Isn’t it strange and perplexing that feminists worry about the lower numbers of women at the top — among CEO’s and other muckety-mucks — but are silent when it comes to the relatively low numbers of women in the working trades and even much lower, among criminals and drunks who live on the streets? I have never encountered a feminist who was upset that there are not more women mowing lawns, fixing sewer lines or working as “tree surgeons.” Hmm, I wonder why. Similarly, endless verbal indignation has been spawned by the terrible injustice of referring to God with masculine pronouns. Liturgical texts have been thoroughly revised to deal with this inequity. Worshippers are expected to use clumsy grammatical maneuvers to avoid references that are masculine. We are supposed to imagine God as an androgynous force or, better yet, as a woman, which would only be fair.

But no one — at least no one outside the inner circles of demon worship — suggests that Satan should be a she. It does seem like a feminist issue. It does seem unfair to women, doesn’t it, that such a powerful entity is imagined to be male?

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Alissa writes:

Feminism is the creation of Satan to utterly destroy his foes, particularly God. That’s why feminists are always whining about how “good men” have to be feminist and always target organized religion, because it’s like a virus which weakens their attackers, and Satan knows this.

It also goes into the whole “men are bad and women are good equality” strain of the lie from the serpent. Feminism is a tool of Satan, it’s created by men to utterly destroy other men, and women constantly fall for it, never realizing it that’s it a war between men.

Also it’s true that criminals aren’t often targeted by feminists. I’m not talking about minority criminals like blacks who are distinctly primitive and matriarchal, but the common Caucasian and Asian male criminals do tend to be quite masculine.

Laura writes:

Feminism is the creation of Satan, who has shown a preference for approaching men through women. And Satan always works through what appears to be good.

I don’t quite understand your last point (as an aside, there are no matriarchal cultures), but it’s not the main issue.

Mary writes:

This is the opposite of what you asked, but proves your point. Mel Gibson portrayed Satan as androgynous in “The Passion of the Christ.” There was definitely whining from some transgendered people that androgyny would be associated with evil, but as far as I know it wasn’t a cry taken too seriously by mainstream feminism. Was anybody really shocked that Mel Gibson would be so damnably “heteronormative”?

Leo Walker writes:

At the root of feminism is the same old apple polished up with the Marxist-Leninist rag to give it that modern zeitgeist shine. The serpent said to the woman, “Did God really say that you should not have power?” The woman said to the serpent, “God said that I should not have masculine power lest my feminine power die.” “Your power will certainly not die,” the serpent said to the woman. “God knows that when you grasp masculine power your self will be realized and you will be like God with both masculine and feminine power.” So she took and ate it and gave some to her would be mate. And their eyes were opened and they realized that they were both powerless so they sewed for themselves Womyn’s Studies out of Communist dialectics and other fig leaves. Which is pretty much where we are today.

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