The Thinking 

An Emetic

July 3, 2014



If anyone in your household should accidentally ingest spoiled food, here’s the cure!  Guaranteed by me to work instantaneously!

— Comments —

Lance writes:

Warm, fragrant, Mother’s breast.

Gay male’s salty, hairy chest and armpit.

What’s the diff?

Laura writes:

Poor baby, bereft of a mother — not through grave misfortune but through deliberate calculation.

He was sold before he was born.

Can there be any greater existential pain than the pain he will face someday?

Jane writes:

I refused to look at the photos. I had to divert my eyes and scroll to get through the article. I can’t have those images in my mind.

Leah writes:

Look at what that woman is reduced to–and what that child is deprived of. I could cry too.

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