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African Rule in Missouri

August 21, 2014


AT American Renaissance, Jared Taylor writes about the Michael Brown case:

In Ferguson, African-Americans are acting like Africans rather than Americans. Presumptions of innocence, rules of evidence, and deliberative justice are about as rare on the street as they are south of the Sahara. Africa is notorious for mob justice. Alleged thieves are often beaten to death on the spot. Witch-burning is so common, you can now see it on YouTube. UNICEF reports that more Africans than ever believe in witchcraft.


Officer Darren Wilson will not get a fair trial unless it takes place on the moon. This is another sacrifice to Africa.

In the long term, as Africa and other parts of the Third World expand in our midst, it will become harder and harder for any of our basic European institutions to function. We are slipping back towards corruption and the rule of brute power. Africa may always be in our midst, but unless our rulers understand what that means, many Fergusons are in our future.

In related news, Dorian Johnson “has an outstanding warrant for a 2011 theft in Jefferson City and pleaded guilty for filing a false police report related to that theft.”

— Comments —

Neil writes:

This is reminding me more and more of the anti-white hatefest that was the George Zimmerman prosecution.
Speaking of the Zimmerman trial, the defenses start witness was pathologist Vincent DeMaio.  I just watched him on CNN commenting on the Brown shooting and he pointed out that the family’s autopsy report was consistent with Brown charging Wilson and not with Wilson’s having his hands up in a surrender posture.  He also noted that Wilson may have fired several shots because of his alleged eye injury and he might have had “double vision.”
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