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Female Teachers Who Seduce Students

November 7, 2014


MATTHEW H. writes:

I have wanted to ask you this question for some time but have deliberately avoided doing so.  It’s an unpleasant, sordid subject, and I try to uplift people instead of causing them to dwell on the negative.  But the curiosity is killing me!

Here is the question:  what explains the recent phenomenon of female schoolteachers who engage in sexual intercourse with their teenaged students?  This phenomenon started, as best I can remember, with Mary Kay Letourneau in the late 1990’s.  But in the past four or five years the trend appears to have really picked up steam, and each day seems to bring a new scandal involving a female teacher and a male student.  Why do these women do It? What are they thinking?  What is motivating them?

Laura writes:

What is motivating them?


This phenomenon is not surprising.. For more than 75 years, intellectuals have promoted the idea that sexual satisfaction is necessary to human health. Suppression of instinct is neurotic. The message is everywhere. There’s now a huge amount of porn at the fingertips. Where would these women, surrounded as they are by feminist self-assertion, ever have learned of restraint?

One of the lessons here is also the importance of single sex education.

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Mrs. H. writes:

My husband and I were talking about this topic last week, after shaking our heads over Lena Dunham’s recent attention-seeking outrage.

I’m 31.  The lack of restraint and self-discipline in my generation is astounding.  Many people my age and younger really act on their every impulse–they say and do whatever they want, ironically thinking they are autonomous individuals, when really they are slaves to their appetites.

Generally, a lot of this is a combination of sinful nature along with no common social code.  For 75 plus years we’ve been tearing down structures and moral codes which helped weak people keep themselves in check. We taught children how to act in public and around other people. Now there is no external structure. We  must all be “genuine,” “raw,” “our true selves,” and say the first thing to come into our heads to be “honest.”  Well, it turns out our real selves can be pretty dark and ugly and harmful, destroying ourselves and those around us.

Specifically, high school (and college) classrooms are a bizarre egalitarian experiment. The teacher holds no authority, really, in a public high school. She can’t expel anyone. Failing doesn’t mean anything anymore, since college is the new high school.  Sex is being talked about all day long, according to my teacher friends.

I went to Girls State, a camp organized by the American Auxiliary to teach high schoolers about American government. My 4-H leader, a dear octogenarian, nominated me for a scholarship. She would have been astonished and angry at what I experienced.

I was grouped with 15-20 other girls 15-17 years old (I turned 18 that week).  Our camp leader, just a year older than me, was completely incapable of watching a huge group of teenage girls.  The first night our group, led by our camp “leader,” played a game which involved relating in detail our sexual experiences.  I’m completely serious.  I “won” because I had never been kissed even.  In hindsight, I should have left the room.  The leader felt bad for me–I believe I pricked her conscience and she perceived I was acting more mature than she was–and asked later in the week if I was having a good time.  I honestly told her the program was fine, but I was embarrassed by her “leadership” decisions–trying to gain the younger girls’ “respect” by relaying her sex life in detail.  Not embarrassed because of the topics, although a lot of it was shameful, but embarrassed because it was so pathetic.

Which brings us back to the topic.  Students have no respect for teachers; teachers have no authority over students, and in fact fear them.  So one way these girls (they certainly aren’t women) grasp for power is at the most base level.

A reader writes:

One of the lessons here is also the importance of single sex education.

But who would teach? Where do you find enough teachers of high standards who love God and children?

Paul T. writes:

Well, maybe it’s lust, but maybe that begs the question; what provokes the lust? After all, while young people are aesthetically appealing, many women can’t take boys or young men seriously as lust-objects. Why are these women different? This is just speculation, but it’s possible that they’re living out some feminist fantasy, in which they are ’empowered’ enough to be taboo-breakers and to act as men so often do, taking sexual partners from a much younger cohort. Perhaps this reassures them that in the feminist world of ‘asymmetrical power relations’, where one person in the couple has to exercise authority and power over the other, they will assume the more powerful role — perhaps in sharp contrast to the dynamic they’ve previously experienced in their relationships — and in that way they will find a kind of equilibrium.  Plausible?

Laura writes:

It is rare for a woman to be aroused by the feeling of power over a man. I think it is more likely they seduced their students by making them (the students) feel powerful and in charge.

Eric writes:

Re: Male Teachers Who Seduce Students

Q. “Why do these men do It?”

A. Because it is there!

Sorry, couldn’t help myself.

 Laura writes:

It was there. They wanted it. They had no control over themselves. I think it is no more complicated than that.

Our entire society is in a state of constant, engineered sexual arousal. The schools themselves teach that sexual fulfillment is a human right. This kind of thing is hardly surprising.

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