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Class of 2018, U.S. Naval Academy

December 19, 2014



JAMES P. writes:

They really, really seem to want black and Asian women to join the Navy. Front and center in just about every picture.

Message to young white men: don’t bother.

Laura writes:

I don’t think that’s the message. They know white men will apply. Looking at the figures on that page, you can see that male applicants to the USNA still outnumber women by more than three to one. The class size is now 25 percent women (and the acceptance rate of women was higher). But they need to apologize for the lack of complete equality. And there are only 77 blacks out of a class of almost 1,200. They need to apologize for that. 

The Naval Academy needs to prove it is pursuing “diversity” precisely so it can have a disproportionate number of white men.

These photos are something. Are you reassured to know your country will be defended by petite Asian women?


— Comments —

John writes:

Men interested in serving in the military (and having an actual military experience) would be advised to consider the Marine Corps. Well, actually, I’d advise them to do the research (it’s a pretty big decision to make without thoroughly understanding what you’re getting into), but the ethics, investment in personal development, discipline and emphasis on leadership at every level is hard to beat.

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