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The Pizza Paycut

December 13, 2014



MRS. T. writes:

You write often about generic, tasteless pizza and everything it stands for.

Yesterday my husband and more than 100 of his workplace peers were told they would be receiving a very large paycut starting next week.

To ease the blow, his employer served them …. pizza. Little Caesar’s Hot N’ Ready. Much to my admiration, my husband informed them he would not be eating their pity pizza and returned to work.

Merry Christmas.

Laura writes:

Scrooge, if he were alive, would feed Bob Cratchit pizza at Christmastime too.


— Comments —

Pan Dora writes:

Mrs. T:

Sorry to hear that your husband suffered a paycut, and was served frozen pizza as some sort of consolation prize.

Perhaps the boss just got told what the new insurance premium will be with Obamacare.

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