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The Model Minority: Lab Partner Edition

April 3, 2015



A Singaporean graduate student at Stanford University has been charged with poisoning other students and sabotaging lab projects. Interestingly, according to reports, she only targeted other Asian women. And, using the language of therapeutic culture, she says she poisoned her own drinks, and that it was all a ‘cry for help.’

A comment in the linked article stands out:

According to press reports, the student was sent from Singapore on a government A*STAR scholarship that is reserved for their very best and brightest. The students all go the top U.S. universities, [… and] the Singapore Government pays a full stipend, full tuition, and research funds for the host laboratory (that is, there is a financial incentive for the host university to accept these students). Remember, Singapore students top out standardized tests internationally but their students, like this one, do poorly once they have to compete in an academic environment that requires critical thinking instead of rote memorization. She was stressed out and depressed because she did so poorly at Stanford while she was a superstar student all her life in Singapore.

Laura Wood writes:

These are serious charges, but I feel sorry for this student. She was apparently pressured to achieve at a foreign university beyond her abilities and strength. Insane.

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Anti-Globalist Expatriate writes:

I feel zero sympathy for this Singaporean student whatsoever. What we in the West view as insane behavior is actually quite rational for an Asian, because of the Asian cultural imperative to avoid loss of face at all costs, coupled with the utter lack of any concept of fair play, honest competition, true sportsmanship, or abstract justice.

Asian culture is a clan-based, zero-sum game. If you win, the others lose. If they win, you lose. There is no concept of ‘win-win’ or mutually-beneficial compromise in Asian culture. There is no concept of
‘may the best man win’ in Asian culture. Asians are driven by their culture to do anything and everything, up to and including murder, to benefit their family/tribe/clan/village/extended patronage network/region/country/race.

In some Asian countries, it is typical for students of ‘rival’ technical schools – teenagers – to do their best to murder their perceived rivals from other schools. They will drive by on motorcycles and shoot at one another with guns, often killing or wounding innocent bystanders; they will hurl homemade explosives into public transit buses because they think they’ve spotted someone wearing the uniform of a ‘rival’ school; again, innocent bystanders are not-infrequently killed or wounded as a result.

Laws and rules are viewed as mere inconveniences to get around – and after all, in Asian countries, laws and rules are intended to benefit the rich and powerful, not to provide any semblance of an equal playing field or to allow equality of opportunity, so this is a rational response in the context of their culture. Government jobs and contracts are to be milked via overpricing, kickbacks, bribes, and outright fraud; all government jobs, including those of police officers, are paid for by applicants because they are opportunities for graft.

In Asian academia, all emphasis is on rote learning, nothing on critical thinking, logic, abstract concepts, etc. Students are punished if they question their teachers; after all, to question the teacher implies that the teacher isn’t doing a good job of teaching the subject, which causes the teacher to lose face. It’s also perceived as causing the questioning student to lose face, because by asking a question, he’s admitting he doesn’t understand something.

If you ask an Asian on the street for directions to some destination, he will give you directions, even if he has no idea or has never heard of the destination in question; he will do this because to admit he doesn’t know would cause him to lose face, and in his mind would cause you to lose face because you caused him to lose face (got that?). Asians will literally fabricate answers out of the whole cloth rather than admit they don’t know something.

Plagiarism and outright fabrication of ‘research’ results is the norm in Asian academia; China publishes more academic papers than any other country because of pressure from the Chinese Communist Party to be ‘number one’ in academic papers in the world, with the emphasis on volume, irrespective of the quality and/or originality of the work in question (or lack thereof). And as we’ve seen, Asians work hard to resist assimilation in the West, hence the major cheating scandals such as the one at the high school in California. While the racial breakdown of accused cheaters in American university cheating scandals is never discussed, I would bet that the majority, or at least a strong plurality, of the cheaters are Asian, and that the ringleaders in most instances are Asian.

Asians will often deliberately provide others in study groups or who are enrolled in the same courses with disinformation in order to sabotage the chances of their rivals (i.e., all others within the same context). Except for a few Western-educated Asians who actually absorb some degree of Western values, the priority is to manipulate ‘the system’ in order to gain wealth, power, and prestige, and to prevent others from succeeding at same.

I’ve participated in some seminars at A*Star in Singapore, so I’m pretty familiar with this particular institution, as well as Singapore itself and Asia as a whole. It produces vacuous, contextless fact-recapitulators who will do anything they think they can get away with to get ahead, especially if it actively frustrates their perceived rivals (i.e., their fellow students), all the while smiling, and bowing, and quietly listening in class, never asking any questions (because this would also cause the questioner to lose face, by admitting he doesn’t understand something), and zero participation in group discussions.

Asian culture is a Hobbesian war of all against all. ‘Christianity,’ as it is practiced in Asia, does not inculcate the same values it does (or once did) in the West. Mercy is not an Asian value, nor is the concept of the dignity of the individual, nor the inherent worth of the individual as a child of God.

And of course, Asians from different regions within the same country, much less from different countries, view one another as subhuman; their contempt for Westerners is boundless. Common terms in various Asian languages for Westerners translate into ‘dogs’, ‘beasts’, ‘devils’, etc.

I’m not kidding or exaggerating with any of this. The reason you don’t hear this type of commentary about Asians from many others is a combination of political correctness; open-borders ideology; the desire of big business (especially in the IT field) to import cheap workers who are culturally disinclined to question management; the desire to make money one way or another from doing business with Asians; and related priorities.

Asian are culturally programmed to be rapacious and and deceitful, because these are not dishonorable traits in their culture. Some escape this syndrome; but it’s very, very difficult to shed one’s entire worldview and embrace another.

Westerners need to be aware of this; they simply cannot trust Asians to ‘do the right thing’ in any context. All interaction with Asians on both a personal and professional level must be viewed as transactional, with an appropriate degree of ongoing scrutiny.

Everything I’ve written above applies to all Asian societies; Japanese, Singaporeans, and Koreans tend to hide it better, due to their long experience in deceiving Western colonial masters and/or occupiers. But sometimes cracks in the facade appear, as in this case, or in the recent ‘nut rage’ incident involving the Korean airline executive, or the female Japanese ‘researcher’.

And all the above is why I don’t feel sorry for the Singaporean student at Stanford. She was engaging in a rational response, in her worldview – i.e., eliminating the perceived ‘competition’ of other Asian women. And she’s also demonstrated the Asian trait of understanding the weaknesses of one’s enemies, hence the ‘cry for help’ rhetoric she believes (probably accurately) will garner her sympathy and mitigate any potential punishment for her actions.

I don’t blame or look down upon Asians for the way they behave, any more than I blame the scorpion for adhering to its nature. I pity them; while at the same time, I do everything I can to ensure that they don’t take me to the cleaners.

Asians imbued with Asian cultural values are by far the most serious existential threat faced by the West; Islam is just a temporary distraction, as the Asians will sweep them away, too, or co-opt Islam in their service as they’ve done in Indonesia and Malaysia.

Anti-Globalist adds:

And all the above is why I don’t feel sorry for the Singaporean student at Stanford.

I forgot to add that in Asian culture, hierarchy is all; the Singaporean student could not tell her parents that she couldn’t succeed at Stanford, because she would lose face with her parents; her parents would lose face with their extended family and patronage network; and they would literally disown her if she ‘rebelled’ and elected to drop out on her own.

She was obviously making noises about it, which is why her mother flew to California several times, perhaps to browbeat her into submission.

She could’ve chosen a different path – i.e., not poisoning her perceived rivals – but in the absence of an absolute moral framework, she didn’t. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if the poisonings were ultimately her mother’s idea; I’ve seen Asian parents push their children into all kinds of unethical and immoral (by Western standards) actions, up to and including murder (this latter mainly being adult children acting at the behest of their elderly parents).

Mark Jaws writes:

Having grown up next to New York’s Chinatown, I have always had Chinese school chums and girlfriends. These were all American-born kids who came of age during a time when the public schools actually pushed Americanization, so I never sensed much difference between “them” and the other groups which filled Manhattan’s Lower East Side.

However, my experience as an adult with my Asian military personnel has been quite different. From 1996 to 1998, I was the senior intelligence controller at the Joint Warfighting Center at Fort Monroe, Virginia, a Department of Defense organization which went around the globe conducting theater-level computer-assisted exercises in support of United State Forces Korea and Pacific Command (PACOM) with Korean, Japanese, and Thai forces. I can tell you with 100% certainty that the Japanese and Thai liaison personnel who had access to controlled exercise information were blatant cheaters who passed that information to their compatriots in the training audience and cared not a whit about meeting the training objectives, but rather in looking good and saving face. The Koreans did not cheat as much because they and the Americans were closely intertwined and the opportunities for cheating were minimal.

Karl D. writes:

The timing of this piece was remarkable for me. I just finished watching a Chinese mini-series on Netflix called “Empresses in the Palace” last night. It is a melodrama (and that’s putting it mildly) about the lives of the concubines serving the emperor during the early 18th century. Everything Anti- Globalist Expatriate mentions is contained within this show. All the concubines were constantly plotting and secretly trying to poison each other to cause either death or miscarriages. It’s a miracle the emperor had any children at all! As soon as the emperor would show the slightest bit of favoritism towards a particular concubine or worse, impregnate one, the whole harem would go berserk. Including the empress herself! The whole “face saving” concept is just bizarre. If one were to break, or simply forget some minor form of etiquette, it would be enough to cause loss of face. Often resulting in physical punishment! The other thing I find bizarre is Chinese medicine. While this story was set in the 18th century, many of these so called “cures” and causes of disease are still widely seen as fact by many Chinese today. Thus the reason why the Chinese and many Asians alike will eat anything that crawls, swims or flies in the belief it will somehow help or cure them, from helping their sex drive to helping individual organs. Killing off endangered species doesn’t seem to matter much. My own experience with real Chinese culture has been through my landlord. If I discovered anything it was that three things matter to them. Money, family and tribe. In that order. Of course “face” plays into all three. With them, the blood family is everything. Anyone outside of that is fair game to be deceived, ripped-off and anything else you can think of. All done with a smile. Don’t get me wrong? I have had pleasant conversations with them, and there were even a couple of acts of kindness shown. But I always knew that there was a motivation behind it. The acts were never done from a simple, selfless, Christian act of kindness as we know it. There was always some form of personal gain behind it. Be it good karma , fortune or what have you.

Laura writes:

 All racial groups have inherent weaknesses and strengths. These observations about Asians should not be interpreted as meaning they are worse than other human beings. Among the strengths of Asians is the stability of their family lives.

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