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What Happened at Sandy Hook?

July 18, 2015


ON the morning of December 14, 2012, 20 young children and six adults were murdered in a shooting spree by a gunman at the Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. As most of you know from the official account, the gunman was 20-year-old Adam Lanza, the emotionally troubled, homeschooled son of a gun-toting Republican mother with whom he lived alone and whom he also allegedly killed that day. Lanza’s frightening and bizarre photograph appeared in news outlets throughout the country for months after the event, which was the second deadliest shooting by a single person in U.S. history. He reportedly committed suicide at the school.

There are many anomalous details of this massacre, which so traumatized the entire nation. None of the children who died were evacuated from the school for medical treatment. They were immediately pronounced dead at the scene by police, not a doctor. Very few emergency personnel were permitted in the building. Although Lanza, who allegedly had Asperger’s Syndrome, was reported to be so clumsy by his father that he couldn’t even tie his own shoes, he proved to be an expert rifle marksman that day. The FBI took the unusual step of classifying information regarding the massacre; it did not classify details of the Columbine massacre and other school shootings. The state police did not issue its full report until 11 months later. Death certificates, autopsy reports and photographs of the dead children have never been released to the public. In the wake of the tragedy, Connecticut passed a law allowing police to deny death records to the public in homicide cases.

Both the school, which was in decrepit shape before the massacre, and the Lanza home have since been demolished entirely. Newtown received $50 million from the state to rebuild the school.

Most odd of all was the behavior of the parents of the dead children, who have collectively reaped many millions in donations and have traveled around the country promoting gun control. Some smiled and even laughed on camera in the days immediately following the tragedy. Some of the parents, it has since been revealed, have political and theatrical backgrounds. Francine and David Wheeler, the parents of Benjamin Wheeler, both have confirmed acting experience. After the massacre, Francine appeared on national TV during a presidential address to plead for gun control. She previously performed as an actress in children’s theater and worked as personal assistant to Democratic National Committee fundraising chairwoman, Maureen White.

The school nurse, who was in the building during this horrifying event, smiled during interviews with news reporters. A resident of the town who was interviewed can be seen holding his daughter firmly around the neck as he speaks, as if he is trying to restrain her. A neighbor who allegedly sheltered children the day of the massacre was caught rehearsing his lines on camera and gave blatantly conflicting stories to reporters.

These and other facts have led to “conspiracy theories” about Sandy Hook, an event which prompted the adoption of new gun control measures and recommendations for mandatory mental health screening for all American children and for heightened school surveillance. As more time has passed, these theories have become more and more compelling.

Until I viewed this two-hour video, “We Need to Talk about Sandy Hook,” a documentary compiled by independent journalists, I did not realize the scope of the case of those who say that Sandy Hook was a massive fraud perpetrated on the American public. I highly recommend it. It raises important questions and concerns that cannot be easily dismissed.

— Comments —

Priscilla writes:

Here is a good rebuttal, from a law enforcement perspective,  of some of the points raised by conspiracy theorists regarding Sandy Hook.

I still remain a skeptic, as the official story just does not pass the smell test for me.  There is no explaining the bizarre press conference held by Lt. Vance and Dr. Carver.  I watched it live and mentally noted its unreality, but was too much in grief and shock at the time to do any rational analysis of the event.  That came much later.

Laura writes:

As far as I know, no other massacre in American history has raised such disturbing questions and compelling doubts. After Columbine, no one said it was a fake. After Aurora, no one said it was a fake.

The interview below with the parents of Grace McDonnell days after the massacre is utterly implausible. This isn’t even good acting. It is now believed by some that Grace never existed. Notice that Grace’s “mother” says one of her daughter’s favorite images was the “peace sign,” which is an occult symbol. She also describes using Sharpie magic markers to draw all over her daughter’s white casket. Can you imagine? Your child has just been brutally murdered and you draw hearts and cupcakes on her casket and wear this goofy, glazed smile, without shedding a single tear during a fairly lengthy interview. This isn’t even good acting. This isn’t even good script writing. (That’s possibly an argument for why it wasn’t a hoax. If you were going to hire actors to do this, wouldn’t you get better ones?)


A reader writes:

Check Youtube on Sandy Hook.

L. P. writes:

Did anyone check with the local pharmacist? It looks like they [the parents] could have all been on Prozac.

Laura writes:

Prozac takes one to two weeks to have any results.

Anonymous writes:

At 2:13 into the interview, the supposedly bereaved father says: “The teachers – they’re all raising the child.”  It’s an extremely rehearsed and phony thing to say, like a quotation from a speech by H. Clinton.  The man speaks the words without emotion.

In the CGI-Age, in the False-Flag Age, the Putin Age, the Obama Age, skepticism, formerly claimed by the Left, reverts to the Un-Left.

Alex writes:

Many people refer to the media as “mainstream, corporate media, government media complex,” etc. I would call them the “Stepford Media” as in the Stepford Wives film. This I say because what was once an intelligent profession has now lost all discrimination and analysis and accepts what it is told to accept. It looks good but the hard drive has been yanked out and nothing has replaced it. It is similar to Western Civilization as it is quickly having all its memory removed and replaced with nothing except what the destroyers want you to believe.

Lydia Sherman writes:

Check out the bizarre PR conference of supposed parent Robbie Parker here.

Laura writes:

See the “family” of slain teacher Vicky Soto starting at minute 3:50 in this series of interviews. They are positively joyful.

Joe A. writes:

The interviews are surreal. They are not authentic. Period.

July 21, 2015

Charlie K. writes:

One of my wife’s childhood friends is now Monsignor Robert Weiss, pastor of St. Rose of Lima Roman Catholic Church in Newtown, Connecticut. He spent much time ministering to victims’ families and seems well satisfied that the shootings happened.

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