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“Christian” Cowardice and Sexual Assault Hoaxes

August 28, 2015

AT Crisis Magazine, Stephen Baskerville writes:

The churches’ irrelevance is especially conspicuous in one of the militants’ most dishonest campaigns. If the feminists are to be believed, we are experiencing an epidemic of sexual violence, including rape, sexual assault, child molestation, paternal abandonment, and more. And yet the churches—the supposed guardians of sexual morality—have nothing to say about this. They undertake no campaigns to eradicate this alleged scourge of male perversion. The reason, we all know, is that the feminists’ hysteria is a hoax and their charges are fabrications, because no such epidemic exists. But neither will the churches point this out or take a stand, because they know the accusations will be turned on them as “apologists” for rape.

The churches should be saying something about this—one way or the other. But they refuse to weigh in, take a stand, or make any effort to reclaim their lost domain of sexual propriety. Reputable (and brave) scholars have finally stepped in and discredited the feminists’ charges. If Christian scholars had been among them, it would not only have demonstrated that we have a God whose power and protection gives us the courage to take a stand and speak the truth; it would also have vindicated Christian sexual morality before the world as the only alternative to the hook-up culture and all the ills coming down to us from the Sexual Revolution. But instead Christians respond to the accusations by hiding under the table, so now they look cowardly and contemptible before the world.

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