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Apostate “Pope” Addresses U.S. Congress

September 24, 2015


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SOME QUICK HIGHLIGHTS from “Pope” Francis’s speech to Congress:

*He never once mentions the name of Jesus Christ, the King and Redeemer of all nations

*He does mention Moses, in what is arguably a subtle hat tip to Jews

*In the language of a fervent secular humanist, he praises American democracy, without condemning its failure to recognize God’s rights over society

*He lavishes more glowing words on American freedom, failing to state the Catholic position that true human freedom cannot be cultivated by any state that does not recognize the moral authority of the Catholic Church

*He harangues American citizens, who in the last 50 years have taken in tens of millions of immigrants, many of whom have violated the country’s laws, for not being hospitable enough

*He never mentions that Catholic doctrine does not support the dissolution of nations, illegal acts or insubordination to just laws

*He praises Martin Luther King even though King rejected the One True Religion and was a pawn of the Communist-created civil rights movement, which has led to the mass moral oppression of American descendants of slaves

*He does not condemn the tyrannical Supreme Court decision overturning natural law on marriage in Obergefell vs. Hodges

*He does not condemn “gay marriage” despite the claims to the contrary by some ridiculous, addled journalists who say that his reference to the family does indeed constitute criticism

*He never mentions federally-funded Planned Parenthood, which not only kills millions of unborn children every year but traffics in baby parts

*He never mentions the arrest of Kim Davis

*He criticizes the death penalty, in the sort of strongly-worded, unambiguous language he does not use on most major issues of the day, even though the Magisterium does not teach that the death penalty is intrinsically immoral and even though the number of lives ending in the death penalty is minuscule compared to those lost to American crime, abortion, AIDS and other sexually-transmitted diseases

*For these and other reasons, he adds to the mountain of evidence (more here), which includes blatant, indisputable heresies; the promotion of rites, laws and doctrines that do not conform to the Catholic religion; and even shocking blasphemy against the Mother of God, that he does not believe in the Catholic faith and therefore cannot, despite his celebrity status and in keeping with the warnings and discernment of theologians, canon lawyers and popes, be considered a legitimate pope because a non-Catholic leading Catholics is a logical absurdity.

— Comments —

Terry Morris, a Protestant, writes:

I’m more Catholic than Francis.

Laura writes:

If Francis were a true pope, his visit to Washington, D.C., would be more this than this:


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