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Germany’s Sick Guilt Complex

November 7, 2015


Associated Press

Associated Press

A UNIVERSITY student from Germany writes:

Alex S. wrote in his article at (originally posted here) on the disastrous situation in Germany. But it is much worse. We are totally deprived of any civil rights as mobs of Africans and Middle Eastern Muslims settle in our country.

The police, controlled by the government of the states (like your state police), not the local communities, do not interfere in many crimes anymore. Most of the officers are concentrated near the border, to welcome the “refugees.” The remaining few protect the politicians and the wealth. Sometimes they are not able to provide enough officers at refugee shelters, so its inhabitants live in a law-free area. The refugees stroll around the cities in large groups, sometimes thirty or more young men.

But why do some people, like a German commenter below Alex S.’s post, think that this is all made up and not true?

Because they are told so by the media – mostly owned by the state or connected to it – and the officials, who lie straight in our faces. Some people are able to to look through the veil of lies, but most fail to do so. The only independent sources are foreign media and a few German sources, which are persecuted by the state. Official statistics are not given anymore, but you hear everyday of new rapes. They attack women and children of every age. I heard from a police officer, who could no longer bear silence, that in a local park they took a 12-year-old boy. In the media, there was nothing about it.

That does not mean, that the thugs among the refugees only rape. There are enough willing local women of all ages. The volunteers are indeed mostly women. But these are not enough to help the “refugees” – why do these young men not help themselves? –  so that they now want to establish a general conscription, not for the military to repulse the invaders, but for supporting the “refugees.” (I am not joking).

Are there any who resist? Yes, there are some, but they work under constant threat. They are in danger of losing their jobs; self-employed people will not get customers anymore. They are defamed in public, stigmatized as “National Socialist” or worse. They may lose the custody of their children. They have to endure severe punishments for felonies like hate speech — nothing that the rapists above have to fear. Left-wing groups prey on them, paid for by the state.

Defending yourself or forming a militia is strictly prohibited and harshly punished. One is not allowed to own a gun, the right of self defense is de facto abrogated.

In the schools, under the reign of compulsory education, the children are brainwashed. They are told that these refugees are good, that only bad, racist Germans do not like them. Someone who is in public called racist or National Socialist – without any reason – has to be seen as evil, being treated like a Jew by the Nazis. The curriculum is strictly liberal, of course. They tell them it is right to kill a child in the womb and  to have sex with more men then a woman can count.

The churches are a part of this system. They preach the same lies. Only a few clergy of all confessions tried to return to common sense, but were put down or had to endure severe measures against them.

Finally I want to add a joke, which is going around here: A sad refugee is walking through the park. Suddenly a fairy appears, who says: “Because you are sad, I will grant you three wishes.” The lucky refugee answers: “Well, I like to have golden teeth.” The fairy makes his teethes golden. “Furthermore, I wish to have a big house.” A house appears behind him. “And for the last wish, I would like to be a real German.” So he becomes a real German, but his golden teeth disappear and the house is gone. “Why is it gone?” he asks the fairy. She replies: “Well, as a German you have to work.”

I have to ask for withholding my name. There are already groups and task forces, searching for “hate comments” on the Internet, to inflict harm on those who disobey. If they could connect this comment to me, I would lose my place at the university, my personal freedom and every social opportunity. I would become a real refugee.

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Mark Jaws writes:

I am of Polish ancestry on my father’s side, and a Russian linguist to boot, which means I have an interest in Poland and the ability to understand A LITTLE BIT of Polish (since Polish is as close to Russian as Italian is to Spanish). I have followed very closely the reaction of Poles to this immigrant tidal wave and it is 180 degrees opposite that of western Europeans. You see, the Poles were never a colonial power. In fact, they were partitioned for over 120 years, and then had the misfortune of living under Nazi and Stalinist rule. My Polish cousins know very well what it is like to be under the thumb of a foreign power with an imposing hostile ideology. Therefore, they yell out with a big “NO THANK YOU!” when the EU attempts to force Poles to enrich their land and culture with unassimilable “refugees.” Furthermore, what I find most encouraging is that this anti-immigrant movement is fueled overwhelmingly by the young, as a variety of youtube videos show (search for “Polish anti-immigration” and you will be showered delightfully with one demonstration of young people after another). So, it looks like my late Polish father was right after all. Poland will again be the savior or Europe.

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