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A Nation of Eloi

December 10, 2015


Eloi, from Classics Illustrated

Eloi, from Classics Illustrated’s version of The Time Machine

ALAN writes:

“America is an Occupied Nation”, a recent item asserted.

That is true.  But how could it be otherwise?  On what grounds could a nation of Eloi lay claim to a better fate?

Americans’ enemies’ plans to make America over into a Socialist Republic have been known for more than a hundred years.  The Fabians declared their goals openly, and so did the Communists in years long before anyone reading these words was born.  They told the truth about their plans.  But most Americans paid no attention to them.

Making America into an Occupied Nation likely proved far easier for them than they may have imagined.

When Charles Lindbergh and the America First Committee warned Americans about powerful Jews and war agitators wanting to drag Americans into World War II, they were promptly demonized by the Communist-friendly FDR.

When Senators McCarran and McCarthy said that Communists were entrenched in the federal government, they were promptly demonized by the mass communications industry.

When Senator Goldwater proposed reining in the power of the federal government in 1964, he was promptly demonized.

When James Burnham wrote that “Liberalism” is a certain path to national and cultural suicide, Americans paid no attention.

When Charlotte Iserbyt proved through a long paper trail that the dumbing down of standards in American schools was carefully planned by Americans’ enemies, she was consistently ignored.

When Americans are reminded that our first president advised against getting involved in the affairs and conflicts of other nations, they fall asleep.

When Lawrence Auster wrote that the America in which he was born no longer exists because of the cultural consequences of suicidal concessions that naïve Americans had agreed to make in the name of non-discrimination, he was ignored or demonized.

When Diana West traced parallels between the federal government’s accommodation and appeasement of Communists and Communist agitators in the 1930s-‘40s and its current accommodation and appeasement of militant agitators for Islam, she was promptly demonized.

When an American patriot like Laurence Vance argues that all American troops ought to be brought home to defend our nation, our borders, and our national sovereignty and that there is no moral, political, or military justification for those troops to become sacrificial lambs in other nations’ wars, he is promptly demonized.

Historians of a future age (if any) will marvel at the sap-headed gullibility of Americans who made occupying their nation a piece of cake for their enemies.  How,” they will ask, “could a nation of people so seemingly well-educated and with the accumulated wisdom of the ages available to them have been so blind or witless as not to see that every concession of power they made to their central government was another giant step forward for those whose goal was to erase Americans’ traditional identity, strength, and heritage?”  

Eloi-Americans have shown conclusively and repeatedly that they will do handstands and backflips to accommodate and appease people who aim to destroy the rights, heritage, and property that Americans take for granted.

Eloi-Americans are suckers for Communist and Socialist agitation to such an extent that they have permitted most parts of the Communist Manifesto to be enacted into American law.  Yes, there are indeed sinister groups hard at work behind Occupied America, but they are aided by millions of Americans who are perfectly comfortable with a Nanny Government promoting Socialist and Communist policies.

Occupying such a nation cannot be much of a challenge when most of its men are taught by too-acquiescent parents and a relentless onslaught of messages from the mass communications industry to remain boy-men, girly-men, and teletubbies.  Look around you in public places and see how well these words apply to so many American men today who see nothing wrong with their adolescent-wittedness, blue jeans, ball caps, and Mickey Mouse apparel, not to mention their even worse lack of moral fiber.

And then consider how the automobile in all its variations, television, and the mass communications industry have diverted vast amounts of masculine energy to the pursuit of toys, games, and amusements, along with corresponding neglect of moral and cultural standards, when that energy could and should be applied to purposes befitting men worthy of that name:  The rigorous and unapologetic defense of American rights, families, heritage, patriotism, and national sovereignty.   If Americans had a population of such men today instead of boy-men, then our nation would not and could not be occupied.


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