The Thinking 

Before the Smiley Church

December 12, 2015

FRANK REGA writes in response to the discussion of smiles:

Fr. Michael J. McGivney of Connecticut died in 1890 at the youthful age of only 38. Yet he still managed to found the Knights of Columbus, especially to give Catholic men an alternative to joining groups like the Masons, and also to provide insurance opportunities for the mainly Irish day laborers. He had no time for wimpy grins and Vatican II happy faces – all known photos of him show him like this.


— Comments —

Ed writes:

A 2003 article written by Marian T. Horvat, Ph.D. (link below) contrasts the appearance
of modern Catholic clergy and Fr. Giuseppe Sarto (Pope St. Pius X) at various points through his life. The photos clearly illustrate the issues discussed in your posts and compliment Mr. Rega’s observations.

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