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The Feinbergs and the Kleinbergs on National Sovereignty

December 16, 2015

MARK JAWS writes:

There are not that many Jews on the planet who hit The Tribe as hard as I do. One thing I have learned in my nearly 61 years is that we are all personal hypocrites and tribal hypocrites. But no one group has collected such a vast and concentrated assortment of hypocrites than the Ashkenazim.

For example, if I were to sit at my mother’s side at a wedding reception with all of the Ashkenazim, don my yarmulke, speak some Yiddish, and mix and mingle, cruise and schmooze using my Semitic looks, I could speak freely and proudly of the importance of maintaining a Jewish state in Israel, and I could denounce Palestinian attempts to return to their own homeland as suicidal for the Jewish people in Israel. I could even praise the Israeli marriage laws forbidding marriages between Jew and Gentile, as a means of keeping the Tribe pure. My words would be met with a chorus of Mazel Tovs!

But, if I were to walk over to the Polish Catholics where my father sat and discussed the importance of maintaining Poland as a white, European Christian nation, then all of the Steinbergs, Weinbergs, Feinbergs, and Kleinbergs from the Tribe’s portion of the room would choke on their chopped liver, gag on their gefilte fish, and throw hideous looks my way, condemning me in their thoughts and expressions as a xenophobic, bigoted racist.

That hypothetical situation, is all but too real in our general society, and this “love-ourselves-but-hate-you-aspect” of the Ashkenazim is the one thing that pisses me off most about my very own people.

— Comments —

Sheila writes:

Kudos for an excellent comment from Mark Jaws, and quite a few of your postings over the past few weeks, Laura.  I’d take issue with Mark only regarding his conclusion where he refers to the ethnocentric Kleinbergs and Feinbergs as his “own people.”  If I understood his words correctly, his father is a Polish Catholic.  As a strong believer in HBD, I’m the last to try to deny one’s ethnic heritage, but as a Christian and a nationalist I do not believe in full genetic determinism.  In the interests of honesty (but nothing else), I do not deny my Ashkenazi genetic background.  However, my cultural values, social networks, and political beliefs have nothing to do with my parents’ ethnic origins.  While my parents would (and did) like to believe my opinions and choices were merely adolescent rebellion or made to spite them, they in truth developed over decades and via experiences and education that led me to question everything I’d been told and taught.  Add in the grace of God leading me to accepting Christ as my Savior, and there’s really no question in my mind as to who my actual people are – and they’re not Jews temporarily residing in Christian America.

 Mr. Jaws responds:

I thank Sheila for her thoughtful response. But as for me, I consider myself an ethnic Jew first. It is simple. I was raised in what had once been a predominantly Jewish neighborhood in lower Manhattan. Nearly all of my fellow classmates for us “intellectually gifted children” were Jewish, even though more than half the school was Black or Puerto Rican. Furthermore, I look Jewish, sound it, think it, and feel it. Yiddishkeit exudes from my very essence and soul. When I spent two years in a nearly all Jewish summer camp as a young adult during the Summers of 1974 (with Howard Stern, by the way) and 1975, I found myself truly at home in a place I called Jewtopia.

After that experience, I even took Yiddish courses at City College of New York so as to meet the proverbial “nice Jewish girl.” When I was back visiting the lower East Side last week, I stopped into Moishe’s Kosher Bakery on Grand Street to buy some challah bread and talked of the old neighborhood to the Orthodox Jewish proprietor who told me, “It is good to have someone here from the old days.” I replied, “You mean, a ‘Lantsman,’ don’t you”? He nodded. (Lantsman is the Yiddish word for paisano.)

And yet spiritually, I am a devout Catholic. And as a student of history I know the indispensable role that white Western Civilization has played in advancing all of humanity. Which makes the Jewish role in perverting and destroying it all the more painful to me.

Aditya B. writes:

Do you think it possible that the destruction of the West would’ve proceeded without Jewish interference? I personally believe that it would have made no difference. The Jews seem to act as an accelerant, but that is all. I think it would have happened nonetheless.

Laura writes:

No, I don’t think it would have happened, just as Communism would not have succeeded in Russia without Jewish leadership and funding, but that doesn’t mean Jewish subversion is the main cause. It is a symptom of the lack of will to defend the social doctrines of the Church.

Mr. Jaws writes:

You and Aditya raise an interesting question concerning the Jewish role in subverting white Western civilization. Given the fact that the Kosha Notra Cabal of mostly Jewish Ashkenazim elites controls the finances, media, academia, and politics in the USA, I don’t know how anyone could even consider downplaying its role. As far as I am concerned – it is the long pole of perversion and subversion in the proverbial tent.

First and foremost, if Gentiles had not relinquished their control of the media and culture to the Kosha Nostra in the early to mid 20th century, then there never would have been a 1965 Immigration Act, which along with the Federal Reserve Act of 1913, sealed our destiny and doom. And even if the 1965 Immigration Act had somehow managed to have passed, a fair and objective Gentile media would have quickly and dutifully informed the white electorate about the costs of low-skilled, largely unassimilable third world immigrants by 1980, and the public would have demanded a halt to such immigration, rather than witnessing its acceleration.

I hold this topic to such importance, that I have begun to compile a briefing on “Everything You Wanted To Know About Jews and the Kosha Nostra, But Did Not Know Whom To Ask.” I may put it on youtube or take it on the road performing for small groups of like-minded Kosha Nostraphobes.

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